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  1. p.s. if you are in the lanesboro area you owe it to yourself to stop in at the lanesboro pastry shop for breakfast or lunch--they never disappoint with bakery goods and chef bret and staff are awesome and not aftraid to serve a big bunch of guys--or is it a bunch of big guys--anyhow, way good--ask if they have any fresh smoked salmon.
  2. we've stayed at eagle cliff betw whalan and lanesboro on hwy 16 for the last 5 years on opener--they'll willingly take you & canoes kayaks all over the area but best of all tenting on the root riverside where you are literally a few steps from good fishable stream
  3. jigs n minnows or leeches starting in about 5 ft with the overcast and working the breaks around points on the north side. And I always like to put that little red bead on the line for the jig too! anyone think the leeches will be "balling up" in central mn cuz of the cold water this year?
  4. Will be out there with my bro after a few years hiatus--good luck to all the FM-ers out there! -E-
  5. You didn't mention budget at all. I would consider how much information you want in your hand, and if you will be using it for any other time of the year along with how you will be using it. Being a "weekend warrior", I bought a Garmin Etrex series (Venture) handheld unit about 5-6 years ago specifically for marking spots, both fishing and hunting, and it has served me well.It was a lower end model at the time I bought it for $179--you can get a lot more for that amount now than I did. I cant put a chip in it or download contour maps, so it really serves as a directional, speedometer, and waypoint marker for me and it has never failed. Runs on two AA batteries and I can get about three 8 hour excursions out of the lithium batteries before needing new--though I have now switched to rechargeables and they last my day out in the water or in the woods as weel. Have fun shopping and good luck on the hardwater! -E-
  6. Thanks again folks--my bro-in-law did in fact come over with a roll of the reflectix and we're going to take a stab at using some of that this year. I'll post some results after next weekend--keeping my fingers crossed! -E-
  7. I've used special golden estrus over the past 6 years, every time a doe or buck has come across the wicks, they have stopped to smell it, and followed it from one wick to the next. Also tried using it in a dripper that was hung too low--found the dripper about 20 feet away from the mock scrape with half the cover and all the string chewed off after daylight on opening morning. I do not leave the scent wicks out overnight. Also, found it really helps to use two scent drags on the way in, one of the Special Golden Estrus tied to one leg and the other of Red Fox urine. I've heard that deer trust to go where the fox travels. Good Luck!
  8. Thanks for the replies guys. We did drape tarps over the hard top and canvas tops last year and it made sliding the snow off very easy ;>) though it made me wonder if that might have trapped some moisture. Hot inside, cold outside--I guess with lack of insulation there will be moisture buildup.hAven't bought a converter yet--we camp remotely without electrical hookups, but I'll still look into ceramic heating--thanks!
  9. Hi Gang--I just read through all the threads to LL's posts about tent heating--good stuff. This is somewhat similar question: Bro-in-law and I "restored" a '71 Starcraft pop-up a year ago, and used her well for hunting and trout fishing excursions, plan on running her up to the Orr area again this year for firearms deer opener. We use a Mr. Heater Buddy with a line to a 20lb outside tank for heat(trust me, plenty of drafts inside to quell any worry of CO). With 3 guys sleeping in there and cooking dinner each night on the stove in the trailer last deer season, we had a lot of condensation form on the cieling, particularly on the canvas pullouts, and if it wasn't towelled off it would run down and eventually soak the edges of the bed cushions. Any hints or tricks on how to prevent the condensation? As always, thanks to everyone for their advice! -E-
  10. NOAA told me they had a changeout of the DNR monitoring equipment in Lanesboro and the new DNR device wasn't communicating correctly with NOAA. They hope to have it fixed late this week or early next week at the latest. A troutin' buddy with connections near Whalan said the South Branch is very fishable and wade-able.
  11. yeah chi-town, sorry about NOAA not updating Lanesboro since the 2nd of April--not sure whats going on with the sight, usually it has been golden for me any time of the year, 24/7. Hopefully just down for some routine maintenance and we start getting some more updates before opening weekend. Thanks for the report goblue. LuckyDogg-catch and release started up in SE MN on 4/1. Best of fihin' to all on opener! -E-
  12. I actually emailed the dnr to get an "official reply" to see if my trout fishin buddies and I could save a few bucks on opener this year, here is the reply I received: It's true that your 2008 fishing license and trout stamp are valid through April 30, 2009. You 2009 angling license and trout stamp will be valid from March 1, 2009 through April 30, 2010. They are now valid for 14 months. Suellen Rau, Supervisor Information Center MN Department of Natural Resources Bureau of Information & Education 500 Lafayette Rd St. Paul, MN 55155-4040 651/296-6157 Good luck on opening day everyone! --ERIK--
  13. Not that I'm really into helping whitesox or bears fans, but since you're a fellow trout angler, here's a link that I use often before heading down to the south branch around Lanesboro from the twin cities. I've found that anytime it's running higher than 4 ft in the spring, it's chocolate milk time, 5ft it's raging chocolate milk. 2-3ft is ideal. http://www.crh.noaa.gov/ahps2/hydrograph.php?wfo=arx&gage=lnsm5&view=1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1
  14. I second the nomination for Rapalas. Sizes 5 & under for cricks, use the trout patterns, if you are SE MN the brown trout pattern has been especially good to me during opening weekend. Floaters work well so you can drift them down into the honey spots. The orange/gold pattern has worked well during the fading daylight. I hope your luck turns around for you this year!
  15. I've used the 4lb fireline crystal micro ice this year for the first time and have been really impressed--but I haven't reeled up any walleyes over 20" with it so the only real test has been a 24" pike, I re-tied after noticing some pretty hefty "scuff/gouge" marks close to the jig after that one and it has still worked well since on the smaller 14-16" eyes. I like it's multi-purpose as the sunnies, crappies and perch are also easily felt with this line.
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