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  1. nitrotmaxx

    bass lakes

    ok, thanks for the feedback
  2. nitrotmaxx

    bass lakes

    is there any bass lakes around the south end of mille lacs lake?
  3. i was thinking more of state parks but i bet there are restrictions on that
  4. how old do u have 2 be to get a campsite?
  5. I was thinking about buying one of these this fall but don't know witch one would be more practical or useful.
  6. I have been fishing senkos all year on a small lake in the suburbs. I have caught fish every outing except for the last few outings. I have been trying other baits like scum frogs, spinnerbaits, and buzzbaits with not much luck. I have always found alot of fish up close to shore but now they are gone. I have also noticed that there has been alot of weed growth happening in the last few weeks. Are the fish moving out to deeper water because of weed growth or temperature? Or do the fish just tend to move to deeper water in the fall? Or are the fish not moving and its just me?
  7. nitrotmaxx

    Tube questions

    I just started to fish bass this year and are having troubles with tubes. I was having great luck this spring on senkos. The fish were in real close to the shore. But now I noticed that they are gone. I figured they went to deeper water. Anyway I was just wandering if a tube would work well for fishing the weed line?
  8. nitrotmaxx


    hey ray I thought over what you told me a I went out today and landed 14. THANKS ALOT.
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