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  1. megger8

    What is your preferred Knot?

    Palomor hands down. Not only is this an easy but strong knot, its an easy knot for kids to learn. I used to teach fishing to kids at Camp Courage and it worked out great. The steps are easy for them to retain.
  2. megger8

    What's workin' now ICE...

    One other thing that I check is the lantern and make sure that I have plenty of tanks available. Also, for those of us that use them, make sure you have matches to light it!
  3. megger8

    heartbeat hula...

    Great info Crappie Tom. I've been a long time user of Custom Jigs and Spins products and I can tell you that all of the info you gave regarding their products and techniques is very true. One would not go wrong purchasing their lures/finesse plastics and giving them a try.
  4. megger8

    How long?

    I've found that the warmer the lure is, the longer the charge holds. The lighter the glow color, the longer the charge will hold. I usually charge it every other time and I also use a flasher w/ 10 LED's in it. This put off on heck of a charge into the lure. Good luck!
  5. megger8


    I've been ice fishing since I was a kid and love to keep up on all of the latest tactics and gear in the ice fishing world. I often use the www.customjigsandspins.com HSOforum and read their articles. Good info there. Good luck and welcome to the ice
  6. megger8

    How about this scenario???????

    What about giving drop-shotting a try?
  7. megger8

    Help Identify type of sunfish

    My folks went out again yesterday and both got their limit of really nice ones with only 1 or 2 hybrids. They were saying that they looked liked plates with lips
  8. megger8

    Help Identify type of sunfish

    I had so much fun catching the ones that I came upon too. I didn't bring my camera either cause it was sprinkling and didn't want to ruin digital camera I released the ones that I caught too just because I wasn't sure what they were but you can keep them can't you?
  9. megger8

    Help Identify type of sunfish

    Thanks for all of your information on this, I appreciate it
  10. megger8

    Help Identify type of sunfish

    Do you have any idea how plentiful they are around here? Sure were fun to catch
  11. megger8

    Help Identify type of sunfish

    Yah, that's what they look like. I wish I could find a pic on the net somewhere just to see. Those hybrid come in all of the kinds of bluegill, greens, pumpkinseed then huh? Man, they're big and thick!
  12. megger8

    White bluegill

    I just got one of those this week. It was smaller than the others but very pale w/ blueish tints like you stated. As kids we always called those blue sunnies. Seemed only to catch them during spawning seasons from what I remember.
  13. I need help in identifying a type of sunfish that I came across this week. I found the big male bluegills which were very nice in size, but they didn't come close to these other ones that I caught. These were some big panfish ranging from 8-8 1/2 inches long, 4-4 1/2 inches wide, and 1 1/2-2 inches thick. They were the colors of bluegills, pumpkinseeds, with the other ones very dark with little coloring. They all carried the black tab on the gill cover. The pumpkinseed variety all had brightly orange tipped fins with the exception of the dorsal and tail fin. All eyes were dark colored but the pumpkinseed had an orange ring on the outer iris portion of the eye. They all had large bass/crappie type mouths and had noticable teeth. I've looked up all different types of sunfish including warmouth, redear, and longear. If anyone has any ideas, I would really appreciate it. Thank you
  14. megger8

    looking for fish lake in scott county

    Are you 100% sure on the spelling? I'll try to help you out - I'm from right across the river
  15. megger8

    What lure(s) are you going to throw first on Saturday

    Don't you love just sitting with your tackle box/bag and rods and reels and rigging up what you're going to use? Good luck to you. Don't forget about those failproof plastics