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  1. We had one one year with a decent blood trail that we trailed for a good mile or so. It bedded down on the side of a slough and as we approached, it took off swimming across. Dang thing swam accross the slough and the cold water must have clotted him right up. We found no sign of blood on the other side where he came out. It's amazing what they are capable of.
  2. He was a nice buck, I'd guess he went 180 or so. I didn't shoot a shell and think it's probably my favorite hunt ever (shortest as well). I had a blast watching him have a great morning.
  3. Don't post very often, but read along quite a bit. My 12 year old son had a nice first hunt. He shot a small doe at 30 yards around 7:30 on opening morning. Dropped it right there. Just I was getting that cleaned up and tagged we saw the one below (8 point) coming down the other side of the draw. He got back to his gun and dropped him from around 80 yards. 2 very nice shots. My cousin also had a nice 10 pointer, but the only pics I have of that are a bit messy so I won't post those. We went 3 for 5 by 8 or so on opening morning and thought we had enough deer so called it a hunt.
  4. I can't believe no one's mentioned beer yet.
  5. Lived on the lake (actually the chippewa river on the north east side of the lake) for about 8 years and caught a lot of eyes out of Wissota. In my experience they tend to be on the smaller size, but every once in a while you'd hook into a decent one. Some of the best fishin for me during that 8 years was right off the dock in the spring.
  6. Used to do quit a bit of sturgeon fishing, biggest I ever aught was a 56 incher. Did most of my fishing in WI while going to collge. Below the dam in Eau Claire and where the Chippewa and Flambou come together. Twas a lot of fun and we caught a lot of 50+ sturgeon. I miss it a lot, it's been 10 years or so, and reading this post gives me the urge to get out and do it again.
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