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  1. Well I got my new rod, my wife surprised me by getting it for me based on my ramblings from things I learned from all of you. She got me a St. Croix Premier/PS70MLF2 which is a 7' med-lite power fast action graphite rod. She really gave me a double whammy with a Shimano Stradic 2500FH reel to boot!! I was surprised to say the least. Is this a good combo for what we talked about? I am very lucky to have such a great wife. I still have two reels without rods so possible shopping trip in the future. Thanks again. I will check out the site you recommended as well.
  2. Thank you for getting back to me so quick, one last thing before I go tomm. what kind of tackle should I get to have a basic bass tackle box. Lures, spinners?, line weight. I got a great response for walleye gear and think I now have a pretty well rounded tackle box for them. The only thing I need to research for walleye is the use of plastics. Do you use them alot in bass fishing as well. Thanks again, it feels like a guy has relatives he can learn from here.
  3. Thank you Dietz for your response, I am going for walleye mostly with northern as a second. I am also greatly interested in bass. I have caught some small and large by chance and enjoyed the experience. Thank you. I hope you get back to me soon. Tomm. Sunday I am going out to get the last of the gear I need. What action do you recommend for the 7' rod. Thanks
  4. Thank you Local Guide, Northlander and Gunflint, Northlander and Gunflint what type of line do you use for those applications?
  5. Thanks for the reply I would like to know how you would match what we have available and how you would use them for what type of fishing. I would also like to know of recommendations of other combos. Some of the rods and reels here are borrowed, inherited, and purchased by my family. Thanks Captain B.R.K.
  6. When you go out walleye fishing do you have a special combo for the different types of techniques used? If so what are they and how do you have them set up, rod type, reel, line. Thank you. I have a post on the open water thread that has the rods and reels my father, uncle, and I own and want to know how to assemble a good combination. Thank you.
  7. Im gather up the gear for the trip with dad and have some questions about what reel to put with which rod. I am enclosing a list of reels and rods that we already have. For walleye it sounds like you need one for jigging, one for casting cranks and live bait, and one for trolling? If so besides which one you would put on the rod which would you use for the purposes given. I am also looking at a combo for northern, bass. Thank you. Its a long post with lots of stuff. Spincast Reels Abu Garcia Cardinal 502 8 bearing Abu Garcia Cardinal 500 U Shimano Sonora 1000F Shimano Solstace 2000RG with quick fire Shimano Symetre 2000FH Baitcast reel Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 5600 D5 Now the Spincast rods Cabelas XML 6'6" 1/4-5/8 oz 6-12 line med? Galayans IM8 6'6" 1/4-3/4 8-20 line med. Galyans HMG54 6'6" 1/4-3/4 8-20 Baitcast/ closed face spin rods Galyans Titanium IM8 6'6" 1/4-11/4 10-25 med hvy we have 2 Galyans GPS HMG30 6'6" 1/4-3/4 med Galyans HM40 6'6" 1/4-3/4 8-20 med Berkley Lightning Rod 6' 3/8-3/4 10-25 med hvy cast Shakepseare Ugly Stik 5'6" 6-12 med Berkley Stinger IM6 6'6" 3/8-3/4 10-25 med hvy cast Shakespeare Durango 5'6" 6-12 med Musky large northern set up is Shimano CVC F704 7' 1/2-3 oz Hvy fast w/ Abu Ambasssaduer 6600ab My father only fishes closed face so I need to partner up a set up for him as well using these reels.. Diawa GC80 Diawa GC100 we have 3 Diawa Silvercast 170 we have 2 Abu Abumatic 875 Wow thats it, I have another rod of my choice and reel that is a gift. So any other choice would be welcomed. Thanks again for you time.
  8. What knot do you use to connect the Spiderline or other type of super line to the mono backing? And what pound mono do you use? Thank you for your help.
  9. SAR5

    Color confussion?

    Thank you Dietz that makes sense. I do have another question for you however. I have read that you are very knowledgeable when it comes to bass. I am taking my dad to Leech Lake the end of May beggining of June and am targeting walleye mostly. but everything I read indicates that bass are also in the area. What do you recommend for a well stocked tackle box for bass. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again.
  10. I read that on clear days in clear water you should use colorfull lures, on dark days in dark water or at night you should use dark or black lures. Why is this? Would'nt colorfull bright lures be easier to see in dark water? Thank you.
  11. OK thanks to all your suggestions I went out today and picked up some gear. I took your advice and did not go over board, for the few thing I got it was still over a hundred bucks. If you see something you dont think we need let me know and if you see something missing the same. Thanks. .assortment of jigs, short and long shank all with collars? .Minnow, leech, crawler lindy rigs3/8,1/4, .Floating lindy rig for minnow, crawler, leech,1/4 .mimic minnow spin1/16 oz,mms2-22 firetiger .Rainbow spinner w/quick change blade size 1,silver spoon .package of stinger hooks, .lindy no snagg veg-e-jig, 1/8 perch .lindy no snagg, timbr rock jig 1/8 perch .phelps weedless spongy bug floater jig,size 1 lime grn .apex minnow rigs indiana blade 48" snell lime grn .berkley gulp 3" minnow grub, watermelon,chartreuse,black in 2" .bottom bouncers 1/8,1/2, 3/4,1/4 .matzuo lures 1 long body style w/ small lip, 1 short body large lip in firetiger, 1 short body small lip in natural color .smithwick suspending super rouge5"green and silver red eye .rapala deep runner shad rap sr-7 in red hot tiger from gander mountain wow thanks for taking the time to read this and for any help.
  12. I have always heard of how great shore lunches are and have never had one. I plan on catch photo and release most but would like to try some walleyes. What size do you recommend and what do you take with you? Thanks.
  13. Besides the great information I am getting from here I was wondering if any books or more importantly videos are recommended by the anglers here. I am so excited about the upcomming trip that I am seeing walleyes in my sleep! Thanks
  14. This is awsome thanks for the great response so far. I am getting a lot of great information. You all are going to make this a great trip for us!!!
  15. I would like to know what you have in your walleye tackle box. I got the above terms from this web site and i checked out some on line stores as well as local and it is mind bending the selection. What brands sizes and weights do you recomend for a well stocked walleye tackle box. I am going to leech lake in may/june by birch ridge with my dad so it will be a joint tackle box. Im going nuts with excitment and am trying to go with as much knowledge as possible to help make the fishing as great as the time spent with my dad will be! And do you store it in a soft side or hard tackle box? Thanks all this forum sure is a comfortable enviroment.
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