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  1. 250XB

    StowMaster Nets

    Great net made real well. You will not be disappointed if you buy it.
  2. My first nice rods that I bought were St. Croix Avids, then I bought a Loomis GLX, I have not bought another St. Croix since I do not even like to use them.
  3. I have found that getting aluminum props repaired is not worth it, the repaired prop is not as strong as a new prop so it takes a lot less to damage it. If you have a stainless steel one send it to a good prop shop. I had one repaired at DAH propellers in WI it came back looking better than new and should preform better than new because they balance them and customize it to your boat set up.
  4. Loomis as a program called Xpeditor in which they will replace a broken rod no questions asked for $50 standard ground shipping or $65 for 2 day shipping. It is nice because they ship you a new rod in a tube and you put the broken one in it and ship it back, you do not pay for shipping. I like it better than St. Croix they are slow and it will cost you about $30 in shipping, I would rather pay a little extra to get it back sooner. I have broken my fault 3 loomis rods and they have replaced all of they great service, St. Croix I shipped three rods back to have them fix something on them and had to send them back again because they a bad job and they wouldn,t pick up the shipping I was not to happy with them. Some day I will get rid of my 4 Avid rods and replace them with loomis rods.
  5. Another way is to take a picture and measurement and put the fish back in the water for someone else to catch and then get a replica done. I would hate to see all the fish that get wasted because people thought they were going to get a fish mounted and then find out how much it cost to get it done.
  6. I had to have the trim replaced on a 1999 40 4-stroke already, if I had a to guess yours is bad also.
  7. They have to be invited in now. The case that tested the law was drug related.
  8. 250XB

    Summer Rods

    The higher end rods are more sensitive, lighter and have a good warranty. They also use better guides, reel seats, and cork. I use the higher end rods and can tell you when I pick up someone $50 rod and fish with it, it feels dead, you just can't feel anything with them.
  9. If you think that the bright color will matter take a black permanent marker put a slice in the tip and run the last few feet of the line threw it to color it black.
  10. I fish pool 4 a few times a year and I have over a 21ft boat with the pro 80 and it does fine. I had group 27 batteries before and they would be drained after about 10 hours. I replaced those with group 29 and can fish all day with no problems.
  11. No need for a salt water motor around here, it will just cause problem when it breaks down harder to get parts according to a marine repair shop.
  12. I would not buy it new so I did not vote that way but I think it would fun to have an Allison X-21 Bassport Pro with a Mercury 250xs but I do not have $60,000 to spend. There are too many cookie cutter boats in Minnesota. I would like to see some more of the high performance, hand laid bass boats in Minnesota it is always fun to see something different.
  13. Fiberglass: stroker, allison, gambler, bullet, bass cat, big o, blazer, bubble bee, champion, charger, fast cat, legend, nitro, norris craft, pro craft, storm, stratos, triton thats the bass boat that I know about.
  14. Not all boat have titles if you buy out of state and that state does not title boats (Georgia unless they have changed recently) all you need is a bill of sale. Find some one in Georgia and sell it to them and then buy it back and then you have your bill of sale. A friendly person at a local DMV can really help you out a lot. I had a problem with a canoe that I bought used and they fixed it for me.
  15. I can drill hundreds but if the ice is dirty it takes a toll on the blades.
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