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  1. Tim ive seen you tend a tip-up before you wont be able to stand it.Your going to see that flag and run to it.
  2. Greg it sounds like alot of fun..will be there in the am,do you plan on still going out of edgewater if so, i will be there arond seven.I think jeff is coming out also i will bring the big ugly shanty for a wind break...
  3. Thanks frank. last time i was out there, the water was really low also.But we did really well.So we will try again.... thanks
  4. thanks thunder. it should be locked up tight but just wanted to be sure
  5. does anyone know if the slush on delta has froze up at all,just got a new 500 sportsman and was going to go out to delta but want to make sure i can get out to the shanty ok.
  6. Thanks Tim.I havent been down there in three years,and with all this time off work now there is no reasone not to go.
  7. Tim or Dc Heading to darago this week,whats the best place to start,usally go out from boat launch ,but have parked at the end of the lake on the road. Just like to know were to start.
  8. Northshore i guess its my turn to fish the next two weeks since we were told today after tommorow well be off till the 26.So look out everybody here i come to a lake near you
  9. Northshore sorry i missed your call this weekend will see you tommorow at work.long weekend between fishing and hopeing you still have a job come monday.........
  10. Well got out on delta today. Set up in the backset not knowing how the main lake was,low and behold someone blew by us and went out to the main lake so we watched them for a while and paked up and headed out. To my surprise there was 6 inches of ice out there.we piked up a couple eyes ,didnt kill em but was nice being out in the middle of the lake again...
  11. hey Tim its been awhile this is paul burgy aka ice walker. that sounds like a long day you should call in to work after a night like that. A good day of fishing would do you some good lol.
  12. thanks guys found it right after i posted this thanks
  13. what are regulations for a permenant shanty n.y
  14. tim how is it going you have to e- mail me ive got info on something you should know about. [email protected] fishing is good
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