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  1. The cable you get with the unit is 20ft long, so you can usually set the depth finder up anywhere you want and is designed to go on the back of the transom. (hst-wsbl) otherwise there is two different extensions 12ft and 20ft that you could buy. http://www.lei-extras.com/store/search.asp?SearchType=Unit&Unit=LMS%2D522C+iGPS The other option would be to buy the shoot thru, either epoxy it in the back (if you have a glass boat) or you could rig it on your trolling motor or buy the plug in if your trolling motor has built in transducer.
  2. 08 Navionics chip covers all of Lake of the Woods, but it is the Canadian Hydrographic mapping only, which is still the best available for Canada only waters, but both Navionics and Lakemaster have seperate chips showing the MN side down to 1ft (Navionics gives you canadian waters in the hydrographic mapping outside of 1ft). I heard the 09 Navionics is supposed to have LOW to 1ft on the MN side added, but haven't seen the new chip yet, so don't know if that is rumor or true.
  3. When fishing the midwest, the bundles/hd built in aren't really worth the money. You will still end up buying a mapping chip seperately and you will be using that map chip almost exclusivly. The mapping chips give you the High definition mapping (1ft or 3ft contours) along with many extra lakes. Now if you are going to be fishing all over the country or want the Nautical info for the great lakes (hd units by lowrance) then it can make it worth it, but if you are just doing the MN, Wi, and LOTW then a Navionics North should cover the lakes you fish and the chip works in both the Humminbird and Lowrance units.
  4. I know a lowrance gps will have them.
  5. Unfortunatly there is no easy default answer for all lowrance units other then to say that you actually have to play around with your settings such as depth range, color line, sensitivity, noise rejection etc, until the unit reads the way that you want. I was shown on the "old" x-25's a way that while using the white background to make hard bottom incredibly easy to read, as soft bottom was all one color and anything harder came up a different one. The problem was that the settings to do this were different if you used a x110, x25 or 330c. It also did not do a good job of showing fish, but that was not the goal either. The settings for this screen were also terrible when being used with any other screen color (ie bottom color tracking, blue background, etc). On top of that it can change with the lakes that you fish as well. If one lake has more floating debris you might need to "tweak" the settings again.
  6. Check out some of the fly rod blanks depending on how light that you want to go. They routinly come in 4 piece rods and if you just get rid of the last section you would end up right around that 6.5ft length. I know a number of guys that have done this for crappie fishing.
  7. if the biggest thing that you were going to throw on the rod was to be a cowgirl or bigger topwater, then i would advise you to go a step down to the 8'H, the xh is a little on the heavy side for cowgirls. however if you plan on casting the magdawgs and other baits around that weight, then you have to go with the xh as the 8'H will break from a mag.
  8. Thorne Bros will play host to a Midwinter SALE and Art Exhibit... What better way to celebrate the midwinter doldrums by showing off some art, discounting everything in the store, and offerring up FREE food to all who attend? (for those who are there between 11am-2pm) Don Farrell, Thorne Bros Pro Staffer, is going to exhibit his new artwork throughout Thorne Bros on Saturday, February 2. Don is a photographer who turns his work into high-quality prints for the avid outdoorsman. Hunting and fishing prints. This will be a new endeavor for Thorne Bros and we're excited to show off and sell Don's artwork. There will be appetizers served between 11am-2pm. There will also be music and a whole lot of fishing and outdoors chat! So, mark your calender for Feb 2 and stop in at Thorne Bros/Fly Angler to check out the new artwork and join in on the fun! Any questions please give Thorne Bros a ring... 763-572-3782
  9. luke's fish have actually been caught on cowgirls, but steve's are all x-rated
  10. thorne bros is going to have everything on sale the weekend after thanksgiving, they say its going to be everything from summer and winter will be going.
  11. just a heads up, thorne bros is saying that they are going to have a sale after thanksgiving. They say everything is going to be on sale.
  12. I do not mean to sound like a [email protected]#, but it seems like with those lures you get one that works great or (for the most part) you get one that doesnt. i own one that does and 5 that do not work at all. I also own 3 sloppie pigs that always either land upside down or flip that way after a couple of light twitches. just way too inconsistant.
  13. the thing with titanium is that it always wants to straighten itself out, which is why in theory it makes a great leader. The problem comes in when a brass or stainless crimp is used. there is not a single crimp in the world that will hold titanium straight forever. Have seen some really cool leaders fused together by people working in the medical field with access to that kind of technology and some really nice double crimped leaders. Only know good things about those. Have also seen the terminator leaders broken in the packages due to the crimps breaking
  14. just thought i would let everyone know that thornes is having a sale on the 16th of april. they say everything is going to be on sale from electronics to line. also going to have some muskie guide seminar with people like tom wehler (aka musky tom), jason hammernick, jim murphy, wayne klemz and some others too who i cant remember. im going to see what i can get the new lowrance-111 for Be sure to ask if they have a FishingMN.com special for YOU.
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