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  1. Some very good suggestions here. The legal ones can be sorted out boundaries, trails easements, etc. I like talking with all neighbors. Not a good scene when opening day has a solid line of hunters on your boarder. Believe me nothing can ruin the enjoyment of a nice piece of property like a bunch of hooligan neighbors that don't give a good dam about anyone else, have no respect for the law or other peoples rights. Start the dialogue early and often. Make your views known (what you expect of them and what they can expect of you). Acknowledge that things will be different but hopefully things will be better for all. Good Luck on your venture
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    I read this entire thread. I will be replacing my son's roof soon and was very interested in all the opinions and information. I do have a "roof" story regarding Tamco shingles. My son had his roof replaced (with Tamco shingles)in 2008 after a hail storm. The roof FAILED an inspection by the local city inspector. In his opinion, the shingles were defective from the plant and he would not pass the roof job. This started months of communications between the company, roofing installer and us. This included sending samples etc. To make a long story short, we got no where. The issue became moot when another hail storm damaged the roof in 2011. BTW the insurance company is American Family and we had not issues with them. I don't know about other manufactures but if you read all the discalamers in Tamco's warrentee, they can disqualify 99.99% of all claims. Here are a couple examples. Not a certified installer Did not use 6 nails. Shingles damaged prior to sealing (requires 6 months) no proof wind didn't exceed limit (need official weather staion) High winds occured within 50 miles (they use weather station) not reported with in x days your are not home when they come to check your roof. There are more but you get the idea.
  3. Buying stands is like buying land. When I was buying more land last spring my wife said "you don't NEED more land". I said "I agree, I don't NEED more land, but I WANT more land.
  4. The first thing I do from the stand is range everything with in 30 yards. The ring becomes my comfortable range. I also mark a few spots at 40 in case a good clean shot is presented. With that said, I have never shot one over 25 yards. Stuff happens. This fall I had a very nice 10 point 15 feet from me and didn't get a shot. ARRRGGHH.
  5. On private land 7 ladder 3 double ladder 1 tripod 1 fishhouse over twenty permanent tree stands
  6. I've been out with the muzzle loader this past week. Now I'm wondering if all those "does" I saw were really does? Great season you had there.
  7. I just don't see how online registration will have any affect on the total registration numbers. As stated several times here, you always had up to two days after a season closed to register your deer, so all the talk of going home without stopping at a registration station is pointless. The exact same loopholes (none legal)existed prior to the change. Plain and simple anyone who wanted to violate the law before can do so now not because of this method change but just because they wanted to.
  8. Musky said, "Hypothetical, but if I drop a buck lets say, fill out my tag etc., but forgo registering, the DNR has no way of knowing I shot him so I can go buy a muzzy tag if I wish and I'm so to speak legal to take buck # 2 correct ?" No, it's even close to legal. Remember, you can tag one buck. Ok, I guess if you don't tag them you can shoot as many as you want. Just don't get caught.
  9. I have a couple like the ones you bought. They are ok but being I like to stand most of the time I feel a little unsafe on them. I like the ones with arm rests and a shooting rail. When standing you have protection all around.
  10. Remember, there is a two step process. First the deer must be tagged. That includes cutting or your tag with date and time (am/pm) of the kill. If you do that, it would be hard to tag another deer. Registration is a second step and how or if you do has not bearing on tagging additonal deer with the same license.
  11. Below is from the reg book. If you only had a small game lic. you could be in violation if you were driving deer. Taking defined. “Taking” means pursuing, shooting, killing, capturing, trapping, snaring,angling,spearing, or netting wild animals; or placing, setting, drawing,or using a net, trap, or other device to take wild animals. Taking also includes attempting to take wild animals or assisting another person in taking wild animals.
  12. I saw the opposite last weekend. On Saturday I slept in, read the paper and had breakfast. I got to my hunting land around 11:00 am. I took a ride around on the wheeler to look for sign. By 1 pm I had seen 11 deer in fields, swamp and woods. Headed out to a stand around 2 pm. Made it to the stand shortly before 3. I saw one deer on the way. At 4:10 three deer came by. My friend (not hunting) went walking and saw 6 other deer. He did not jump them, they were just out and about. However, I must admit, I didn't see any bucks.
  13. Very good advice Jackpine Rob. I didn't want to imple you just grab a CD off the wall and go, althought I must admit, I wrote the one for the first piece of property I purchased. However, it was from a relative. The things you mentioned are very important issues and should be given full attention prior to any land purchase.
  14. My guess it more deer will be registered with the new method. It's a pain to come home late from a hunt and then drive to a registration station, wait in line, tie ont he slip and then take care of hanging the deer etc. Last year I drove 15 miles to register a bow kill and the people at the place didn't know how to register it. They sent me 10 miles to another station. I'm 100 percent for the on-line registration. I believe it will be more effective than the old way. They should take advantave of it's ease of use, and ask additional questions such as number of deer and sex seen, hunting methods, etc.
  15. Pulleye16, you are right about this caution for a CD. I was assuming the seller did not have a loan against the property. Make sure your CD has a clause for no penalty for early pay off. Then you have 7 years to set up alternate financing, including extending the original CD. I have bought and sold several properties on CD. I recomend using a closer for the transaction. The will ensure the correct paper work is done and can order the title search etc. Good Luck on your propery search. P.S. The neighbors have an 80 with cabin. It's not listed but they are selling. It's located in SE Morrison County. (check my post in deer hunting for pictures of our hunt this year)
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