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  1. JPSavage

    Reel repair

    I live near Leech lake and am looking for a reel repair and cleaning service here or near Brainerd.....The Hackensack shop is now closed.....Thanks.
  2. JPSavage

    Bass on Leech Lake

    Boy bay,Headquarter bay,Steamboat bay in the thickest nastiest rice beds you can find........Weedless spoons, frogs,jigs mostly, and heavy gear......Hang on!.....
  3. I just purchased an E-Machine at WalMart for $395.00.....Windows 7 , 6 G Ram,750 G hard drive, AMD dual core processor-2.70, with about as much software as you will need....A great buy, and I love it.........HP and Dell both were much higher for a comparable system.......I fully expected to pay more, but, was pleasantly surprised.
  4. Speaking of the topwater frog bite, I've been using the best frog bait I've ever tried...I have used most all brands of frogs, both the double hookers like Spro, Snagproof,etc,and, the plastic single hook varieties.....The Z-Man FrogZ is a superplastic floater with a concave face that pops and it has active swimming legs.I use a 3/0 or 4/0 wide gap hook....High hookup percentages and very weedless....It looks creepy just setting in the water much like a frog as it is motionless.......Great popping splash and buzzbait like swimmimg legs.....Extreme blowups!
  5. I was fishing the Shell river ,cast a baby minus one next to some rushes...WHAM!.....Got the fish right by the boat and could easily have netted it, BUT, just had to lip it....BAD CHOICE....This Smallie looked exactly like a very fat football, and I touched it, only arms lenght away.....Couldn't get a lip hold, the fish dove to the bottom(about 3 feet), and up bobbed my lure.........I have nightmares about that beautiful Smallie!....Had to be a five?...AAAAAH!
  6. I'm planting 650 onion plants,25 tomatoe plants,17 different types of peppers, sweet to super hot.....Salsa time baby!
  7. JPSavage

    Braided line

    Speaking of lines, has anyone used the Vicious line?. I'm considering trying it this year,but, don't know anyone thats tried it yet.
  8. I can't help but respond to the dog food issue.....VERY FEW dry food formulations are as good as supplementing with proteins such as meat scraps,cheese,eggs,etc...Avoid starches like noodles,potatoes,etc...Most vegetables are fine except onions.....Think of it like this ,what do fox,coyotes,wolves,etc eat in the wild?...Surely not many grains of any type,or processed foods...Mostly meat,eggs,some bones, stomach contents and not much else...What do sled dogs ,greyhounds,foxhounds,or any dogs requiring maximum conditioning for strenght and endurance...Ever hear of a farmer complaining of his ground feed (various grains) being raided by fox or coyotes?....But,the chickens, rabbits,and the rest need to be protected.....Dog food companies are there to make money and have infiltrated the veterinarian schools and offices worldwide to push their inferior dog foods....Convenience is the main reason to feed processed foods, NOT food quality.....Supplement with meat scraps ,eggs,etc and watch your dogs prosper......
  9. I hate to say this ,BUT, you need to take legal action against that slimey lawyer....He is in violation of his code of ethics and the law....You will surely win.
  10. JPSavage

    Line advice

    I'm curious why more don't use co-poly in other than heavy cover situations?.....Good knot strenght,low stretch,small line diameter, good handling.....If I want more forgiveness, I just use a softer rod tip.
  11. PLUS.....Educate your thumb!.....Saves me many a birds nest.
  12. JPSavage

    what to use???

    I'm using a technique that works great for me in a shallow water situation where there is a weed bottom and or taller weeds such as reeds, pads, etc.....I simply rig a short 6 to 18 inch drop shot with a 1/16 or 1/8th ounce weight on the bottom.....It limits hangups and really only keeps your bait 6 inches or so off the bottom due to the line angle.....Best of all it catches bass, both small and largemouths..... Whadda Ya think?.......JPS
  13. JPSavage

    Any Reports?

    Good day on the lake.....20 bass in three hours 2-4 lbs, spinnerbaits in shallow weed beds , senkos on the first break .....All bass were active ....Spawning just seemed to be starting ........Park Rapids area.
  14. I think you just summed it up....You get what you pay for...Mainly don't get a bottom line battery.
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