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  1. Up until this weekend I had transported my kayak on the roof of my car. I would put my kayak cockpit-down on to foam blocks, then strap through the grab loops to the frame of my car, and one strap around the mid section of my kayak and through my doors. I knew I was tempting fate by putting that much strain on the grab loops, and sure enough, the bow one broke this weekend. My question is, how do you transport your kayak on the roof of your car? I don't want to buy a roof rack or a trailer. My thought is buying two heavier-duty ratcheting straps and going through the doors/windows. I'm not sure if this would be secure enough though. My kayak does fit in my trunk with the back seat folded down, but a good four feet of the kayak sticks out so I would like to avoid that on longer trips.
  2. Thanks for the advice. The Ocean Kayaks look nice, but a little out of my price range, unless I found a used one.
  3. I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on Pelican kayaks. I'm new to the sport and Pelicans seems like a good recreational type that would suit my desire to tool around lakes and rivers but also fish from. I'm looking at the Pursuit 100 and 116 and the Getaway 100 specifically.
  4. Thanks for the info Northlander. I have a feeling we fish some of the same lakes in the Duluth area, so its good to know Navionics works well here. I may be moving in a few months too, so I think going with Navionics' more lakes would be good.
  5. On Lakemaster's list, they show their lowest level of detail as "enhanced lakes." I'm guessing this means enhanced DNR maps. My question: does LM show other lakes that are not listed with just regular DNR maps or is it only the 730 lakes listed? I ask because Navionics lists a lot of smaller lakes I fish, but with just the standard DNR quality. Which is fine for me. So I'm thinking if LM will do the same, I could get by spending less on a chip.
  6. The point for those that can't play guitar or bass is to get a little bit of the rush you feel. Not all of us have the time to learn or money to buy the equipment. I want to learn to play soon, maybe this summer. But until then, I've got Guitar Hero.
  7. Through the Fire and the Flames is another crazy one to see on expert. I can stumble through it on medium, but not on hard. I haven't even bothered with expert yet. It's a fun song to play though, provided you don't cramp up before finishing it.
  8. I've got a Clam 2000 and I like it. It fishes two comfortably, three if you want to push it. Pack some snow around the bottom, add a heater (I've got a Portable Buddy) and you will be nice and warm. I've never used an Eskimo Quickflip though so I can't compare them for you.
  9. Jorgie

    Let Torii go?

    Hunter is definitely gone. I won't be surprised if we trade Santana. If we keep him for his last year, he won't be back. No way we can afford him. It looks like we may be heading for some rebuilding years, as much as I hate to say it. I just hope they get it over with quick, like ripping off a bandaid.
  10. Well did anyone go see them last week? I saw some you tube videos of the opening night concert in NC and it really made me want to go. But I couldn't afford it. And Double D, your "Wolfgang brings along his mom," comment cracked me up. Valerie is a good looking woman though.
  11. The trend of less snowy winters is likely to continue, so I'd say a wheeler.
  12. I got GHIII on Sunday morning. It has some great songs and some great improvements over the previous versions. I haven't had a chance to try multiplayer yet, but from the boss battles I think it will be a lot of fun. I got the wireless version for PS2 and sometimes I wonder how accurate it is. I'm considering taking it back if I can for the wired version. As for my progress, I cannot beat Devil Went Down to Georgia on hard and I'm stuck on Holiday in Cambodia on expert.
  13. I got my Nature Vision promo DVD yesterday. It's a big commercial, but it's got ice fishing in it and it's free. I'm sure I'll end up watching it again before the ice comes.
  14. Jorgie

    Trade idea?

    Quote: I heard the other weekend they are moving Cuddy to 3b next year. I sure hope not. Last time they tried that, it didn't work out at all. He needs to stay in RF with his cannon.
  15. I'm listening to his new album with the E Street Band now and it's great.
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