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    Jimbo80, I use Kistler rods exclusively and have a pretty good selection which you are welcome to check out anytime. They are awesome rods, incredibly light and sensitive. I will be at the Sportshow Friday working the FlaMinn Lures booth if you want to stop by & chat.
  2. Deitz, I will be working the Mepps/Mr Twister booth Thursday and Sunday, hopefully you can introduce me to some of the guys that post here. Also I will be working the FlaMinn lures booth Friday and Saturday, anyone interested in locally made quality spinnerbaits and jigs come see me there. Art
  3. Congrats to Greg on a great job! I would also like to congratulate a fellow Exude team member Mike Holub for his 4th place finish in the State Tournament.
  4. Had my first club tournament on Forest Lake sunday. Deitz - i'm off to a good start again, won the tournament with 12.38lbs. Fishing was great, catching 13 & 14 inchers all day with an occasional 16. All fish were caught on the Exude Comida - what an awesome bait!
  5. Hey Deitz, Another thing to remember is that in the spring the water is very clear and the bass are spooky. I like to visually search the shallows while making long casts well ahead of the boat,this allows me to catch some fish before the boat gets near them. A couple of my fav techniques for this is a 1/16 mojo rig with a 4" pumpkin colored lizard or a weightless Texas rigged Comida.
  6. Deitz, Fished Balsam on sunday, the water is still cold - low 50's, caught some small fish though in shallow bays. It was just great to be able to go bass fishing!
  7. Deitz, Thats the strangest looking bass I've ever seen! Seriously though, great catch! Must have been a blast.
  8. A few years back my brother and I were fishing Bald Eagle for crappies in late spring. It was a cold,windy,drizzling day and we decided to pull into an area out of the wind to eat lunch. We dropped the anchor, baited our hooks with crappie nibbles, casted our baits and began to eat. A few seconds later my bobber started moving slowly, I picked up the rod, reeled in the slack and pulled up to set the hook. I knew instantly it was not a crappie. The fish never made any breathtaking runs it just slowly and steadily lumberd around the shallow water, I'm not sure it knew it was hooked! Having not seen the fish yet, my first thought was it must be a bass. After pulling up the anchor and following the fish with the trolling motor for about 10 minutes I finally worked close enough to get a glimpse, but it was much bigger than a bass would be, so then I thought it must be a walleye or pike. There were no acrobatics or charges, just a steady pull as the fish just lazily swam around. Finally after about 30 minutes of gaining line by following the mystery fish, we managed to net what turned out to be a 42" muskie, caught with a 5 foot ultralight rod, 4lb test line and a 1/32 oz jig.
  9. My favorite big fish bait is a 6" creature bait, caught a 6.70 lb largemouth last year and won 3 club tournaments with it. For numbers of fish its hard to beat a senko type bait. They can be texas rigged, skipped under docks, carolina rigged, etc.
  10. Dietz, Look forward to being part of the family, seems like a great bunch of guys. Also I promise no more cheap shots!
  11. Hey guys, I'm new here and have a question. Who is this Deets guy? I thought deet was a bug repellant. He must have a really big head to have all that knowledge! Just kidding Dietz! Had fun working the sportshow with you again this year and looking forward to next year. As far as goals,mine for this year is to win a Fishers of Men tournament, had a 3rd & 4th last year and several money finishes in 2 years,so I'm dying to win one.
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