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  1. Where is the most accurate place to measure the girth?
  2. The area I fish only has channels, but I just bought an Ugly Stick Catfish with an Okuma Epixor EB50 reel spooled with 17lb mono, this combo has landed me a couple of 28" and a couple smaller ones. The Epixor is a spinning reel with a clicker, the clicker is not real loud but works great. Prior to this year I was using a combo that I had bought pre-spooled, rod and reel for $24.99. A Berkley Fusion 7' medium heavy rod with a Berkley Fusion 206 spinning reel and what I figure is probably 20LB mono. That combination got me several dozen cats including several fish over 30" up to my personal best 34 1/4, and I never had a problem with it or broke the line (unless I broke it on purpose to free an impossible snag. The Fusion did not have a clicker but I would set the drag light with an Eagle Claw 4/0 J hook which comes threaded on a steel nylon line about 6" long. above that I put an 8" steel leader and above that a 1 oz. weight (there is very light current where I fish due to a back water area near my dock). If you are looking for cheap, yet reliable that is a pretty good set up for channels. I usually don't even have to tighten the drag to real them in, when the bell rings I just lift the rod out of the dock post and reel, they almost always hook themselves in the corner of the mouth before I even pick the rod up.
  3. I admit, it's the good life, and I do throw out to different spots, and change my baits. Usually my wife is out there with me so I will throw one line straight out from the dock towards the seam, and one down river a ways. Too shallow for Flatheads, it's strictly channels, though I keep waiting for the day I accidentally hook into a Sturgeon. The river is high right now, and the dock is mostly underwater.
  4. I generally sit by my fire pit with my rod in the pole at the end of my dock and wait for the the channels to come to me. Sometimes I get nothing, but at least I can walk up to the cabin and get beers from the fridge and enjoy the fire. Other nights I will pick up 2 or 3, seldom more, but usually the ones I catch will be 26"-33", and very seldom do I get anything smaller than 24" at night with cut bait. Lately I've caught a few northerns on cut bait too and occasionally a large snapping turtle, which is a pain in the arse. If I use nightcrawlers instead of cutbait, I get too many sheepshead. I finally bought lights for the boat, so maybe I'll venture out more this year, but I do like catching cats in the backyard.
  5. Cowhead, I see you are from ND, but since this is a Minnesota Fishing Forum I must point out that using a treble hook in Minnesota is illegal.
  6. I don't think the culprits were the restaurants themselves, but the companies that supply them fish. Not sure though.
  7. I've seen shrimp mentioned as a good bait, do you mean like a bunch of cooked peeled salad shrimp threaded onto a hook? I would think using larger or raw shrimp would be too costly. Even more expensive than large suckers.
  8. Kind of reminds me of the old strip ons we used to use for trolling for northerns and walleyes when I was a kid, I still have some around somewhere but haven't used them in years.
  9. No energy drink needed, I work 7pm-3:30am so on my days off I'm wide awake and cat ready.
  10. Dtro, do you have a guide, or formula like that for channels? I think I read somewhere on here that up to 28" they run similar to walleyes but what about beyond that?
  11. I bought this book last week it is $19.99 including shipping. Very good read.
  12. Read all of the threads here, especially Catfishing For Beginners (read all 13 pages of that one) and you will feel like you have a pretty good idea. After that, finding fish is the next challenge. Once you find them nothing teaches better than trial and error. The old adage that experience is the best teacher is true. I fish channels not flatheads due to location, and have never fished with an experienced cat man, but the lessons I have learned on this site have proved invaluable. THANKS GUYS.
  13. Thanks for the tip Steve, I'll try that.
  14. Sparcebag, I don't think I have an 808 as you said that was a closed face reel, mine is a spinner, I'm not at the cabin so I can't look at the number but both the rod and the reel are orange. Dark30, thanks for the pic, not sure I need to spend the extra $ but I'll keep it in mind. Aanderud and SteveD, I'll definately look into the Okuma, I'll look at the models you mentioned and also the one that Hanson recommended. The best phone call I ever got was my wife calling me on my cell from the dock telling me to bring the net. She had a 28" Channel on the line at 6am while I was sleeping, her personal best. Steve, I like the idea of using the rod when she is not although unless she goes to bed before me that would be hard as when she is awake there is almost always a line in the water. I agree I have a good spot, I seem to catch more off the dock than I do from the boat. I still haven't figured out what is the lesser of two evils, the Sheapshead I occasionally catch with nightcrawlers or the large Snapping and Softshell turtles I catch on cut suckers, especially when I put the head on the end of the hook as I saw on a post here last summer. I have caught 6 fish in excess of 30" off my dock, 3 northerns and 3 Channels, the largest 33", one northern that I estimated at about 12lbs, and one channel that probably went close to 25lbs. The channel bent the end of my frabill net clear over and broke it while my daughter was scooping it up. Frabill told me that that net was made more for Walleye and Bass than large Northerns and Cats but they still sent me a new scoop ring for free forever endearing me to the company. Sorry for rambling on but I love to talk fishing even if I'm typing to noone in particular.
  15. Thanks for the input guys, I had never heard of Okuma until Hanson recommended an Okuma Epixor EB 50 as a Cat reel so I may have to look into one of those. I just wanted to know if anyone else had any other recommendations. I have a rod for it already, but I may buy one of those Ugly sticks anyways. I have two smaller ugly sticks already, a 5'6" on my ultralight and a 6' on another setup.
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