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  1. Just got back from a week at Baxter (Bill's) Lake outpost with Thompson Camps out of Missinipe, SASK. Absolutely incredible fishing. Caught between 100-200 fish a day. Walleye's averaged 4-5 pounds and Jacks averaged 5-7. Biggest Jack was 42" biggest Walleye 29". Also got into Greyling and Lakers. I never thought it could happen, but by day 3- a 5 pound Jack seemed like more of a nuisance than thrill. A group of 5 of us had over 20 Jacks over 10 pounds.
  2. I don't think it was even that big- I would say 32" at the most. It was a fantastic looking fish though. The Japanese guy was so excited, I though he was going to hump it.
  3. DougMN


    Reading this thread brings up my BIGGEST pet peeve in the world- or at least the one I am thinking about right now. Cigarette Butts....I do not understand why people think that they can just toss their butts out the window of their vehicles like the world is their personal ash tray. I bought a new truck last November. Maybe I never noticed before- but after getting that truck it seemed like every a*hole on the highway decided to drive in front of me and toss butts out their windows like I had a bullseye painted on the hood. At a rate of 2 billion nonbiodegradable acetate filters a day- cigaretts butts are considered to be the most littered item in America- by far.
  4. Good story- but what about going at at midnight- Am I one of the few that can't wait ?
  5. I just bought a new tackle box last week and yesterday spent a few hours moving 3 other tackle boxes to it. I am going to be flying with it in June and I started to freak out a little bit thinking about the cost to replace everything in it if it was lost. I spent $20 bucks on spoons yesterday and they disappeared into it like nothing. I would bet there is close to $2000 worth of stuff there, Definately worth insuring...
  6. My dad is in Souther Illinois and he is an Morel fanatic. he started finding them last week- and we are usually about 4 weeks behind them...I have heard of a few spots though... I am near Elk River and have never found ANY in this area.
  7. I can not for the life of me think of the street name- but if you are going north on 169- just turn like you are going to Fleet Farm. Follow that road down about 3-4 miles and the armory is on the north side of the road.
  8. Great- I will try to get over there this weekend.
  9. Anyone know when the Brooklyn Park Smelt fry in the Armory is this year? I may have missed it- I can't find any info anywhere. THANKS!
  10. Thanks for the welcome and the info. I have gone on a few major fishing trips- but this will be the biggest by far. It is always kind of crazy to lay out a large amount of coin without knowing exactly what to expect. My brother-in-law, who I am going up with, is from the Northwest Territories and seems to know what he is doing for the most part. I asked him about the Grayling fishing and his response was- 'Screw the grayling, if we catch any of them we will use them as bait for the big Northerns'. At least I know where he stands on it.
  11. Hello all! I'm new here and thought this would be a good place to start. I am heading up to Northern Saskatchewan for a fly-in to Bill's Lake in June. Anyone been up there or near it? Supposedly lots of nice Northern's, Lakers, Walleye's and Grayling. Any past experiences or stories would be greatly appreciated!
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