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  1. Kids dont have a chance on opener! Maybe quit earily goose on water so the kids get better shooting. Opener sucks with the crowds and sky busters. my kid will be out on the 15th. she's good on geese but slow on ducks!
  2. HMMM! So are you claiming all your tips like servers do to the IRS?? Not likely. You dont charge your clients for lost lures?? As far as what you said about hearing about the guide! I SAID WORD OF MOUTH GOES A LONG WAYS! Do you give your boat away when you get a new one? I doubt it! If I'm working at a customers place and something happens to my equipment should I expect a tip. I dont get tips and I have wear and tear on my stuff. I got four new accounts from 1 satisfied customer. That word of mouth didnt cost me a dime! Now it sounds like the same ones making comments about the server jobs are complaining about guiding not being enough! Is the kettle calling the pot black here or what? Well now that I've been convinced not to hire a guide I'm done with the discussion.
  3. WOW! Guess I wont be hiring a guide. Hope I didn’t make a mistake by not tipping the guy at the bait shop for selling me what works on the lake right now and for putting new line on the combo I bought from him. I also forgot to tip the guy at the service station for giving me the key to the restroom after the $70 of gas I just paid for. Goosh when I did some goose hunt guiding 20 years ago I would of never thought of taking a tip for it. I was outdoors, did it when I WANTED to, and loved it! $250 for 4 hours, they better earn that. Word of mouth goes a long ways in my neck of the woods. If they are no good I'll tell people to avoid them. I never tip the owner of a bar either but have no problem tipping the staff. Ps. I thought if a client lost lures or broke something they had to pay for it. A hole in the boat? They better have insurance. As far as gas and maintenance it's all a write off. Yes I'm a tight wad!!!
  4. If it was caught in MN it was an illegal fish. The guy holding it is breaking the law just by holding it for the pictures! I too have seen those photos, long before this years opener!!
  5. I Like Biglakebass's idea!! Never Know you might just got the spot to yourself the rest of the season!
  6. It's not a firearm! A firearm uses fire to move a projectile. However do not get caught shooting a polish canon or potatoe bazoka in the city limits because that is a firearm. a friend of mine got a ticket for discharging a firearm within the city limits for that!
  7. NOW Hobby dog you seem to know so much!! I was going what was told to me by CO. Gilbertson in Olmsted county! I did Call the SE Minnesota DNR and ask to talk to a warden! The secertary said, there was none avaliable so I asked if she a Copy of the Closed season hunting regulations. She said, no and thought it was a strange request. I told her that we should spend several hundred thousand more dollars printing them up because some people want to see it in writing what they can and cant do for hunting during the closed season!! Now then, asking about decoys on opening day was the idea that HUNTING would take place. Now the statement made earlier about (taking pics LOL ) Was made in the sudgestion that since he had a camera out with him while he was set up with THE BENNYS OF HIS OWN LAND sounds like just another reason to do what ever they want. Nowhere was it mentioned about pictures only without a gun. ALSO I did apoligize to Icecold! The only reason I emailed the DNR was because YOU WANTED TO SEE IT IN WRITING. Do you have any sudgestions on where I can get the CLOSED HUNTING SEASON REGULATIONS. As for an answer from the DNR, I did receive two different answers for the same question in writing for you hotdog!. Mon, 26 Sep 2005 14:28:01 -0500 From: "Kevin Kyle" <[email protected] On private land there is no time before. On water it is one hour before sunrise. Kevin Kyle >>> ************@yahoo.com> 09/25/05 8:29 PM >>> Hi. I was hoping to have a question answered about hunting waterfowl on private land. What is the law on how early a person can put out decoys on private land before the season opens. Thanks. Mike K******* Mon, 26 Sep 2005 16:17:10 -0500 From: "Jim Abernathy" <[email protected]> To: ************@yahoo.com Subject: Re: laws Hello On private property you can place decoys anytime. Private property only, does not include water. good luck jim James Abernathy DNR Information Consultant 500 Lafayette Rd Box 40 St Paul Mn 55155 651-296-6157 1-888-646-6367 >>> **************@yahoo.com> 09/25/05 8:29 PM >>> Hi. I was hoping to have a question answered about hunting waterfowl on private land. What is the law on how early a person can put out decoys on private land before the season opens. Thanks. Mike ******* SO you make of it what you want.The DNR will give you different answers to. Years ago they had that in the regs. Thats why I always put siloettes out on the opener to hunt the next morning. I DONT KNOW WHAT IS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND ABOUT CLOSED SEASON! Ps hobbydog if those are some of your pictures that get posted! Nice work! Mike
  8. So what you are saying about putting out decoys during OPEN SEASON in public waters is I cant an hour before shooting time, right! Well since the season dont open till 9:00 am., then season is not open yet, right! So I can put out decoys anytime since the season is CLOSED and dont open till 9:00 am Oct. 1. Makes sense to me!! I will apoligize to Icecold though! It doesnt say it in there. They use to put out a good book years ago with out all the adds. Just because it doesnt say you cant do something does not make it legal. Like driving deer the nite before opener from state land to your private property. Tell were it says you cant do that. THE SEASON is NOT OPEN!!
  9. First off! I know what I delt with 20 years ago guiding. Your post that you BOLDLY posted PUBLIC Says DURING OPEN SEASON. If you look at the laws it doesnt say anything about DECOYS, blinds, public waters,etc during CLOSED SEASON. Because it is illegal to be in pursute of game during closed season. Even if you are the landowner! I did email the DNR with this question. So Hobbydog I might applogize If they say it's ok. But Why dont you show me where it says what you can and CANT do to pursue waterfowl during a CLOSED SEASON!
  10. Quote: So, what if I left a few blocks out on my pothole after YWD? And another question you asked! So you did ask. Sorry I blew up! Magnum!!
  11. Quote: Maybe it's just the bennys of owning my own land huh? Just like baiting eh? LOL Maybe I just put em out early so I can get those cupped wing feet down pics at sunrise I see question marks! Your the one the said Maybe I'll put them out early! Which is breaking the law while hunting!!! = POACHING!! You said it not me!!! Good luck! Now I know I need to get out and go hunting.
  12. WHY DID YOU ASK IF YOU PLAN ON BREAKING THE LAW ANYWAYS!! And I was Called a SMARTA$$. It is poachers like you that wreck it for everyone. You can let the birds swim around in your dekes while everyone else is spooking them up putting out there dekes, for them to land in yours! Whats wrong with this picture HUH? So it's your land you can use lead and no plug too!! HMMM I have land in the refuge I can shoot waterfowl then HUH? MORONS wreck it for the ones that do it the legal way. Now we know why you limit out in the first 3 minutes.
  13. Why should you be allowed to lure birds into your safe haven and everyone else has to wait till 8:00 am before they can lure birds in? Kinda like baiting if u ask me. The question is, is the season open? NO!! Kinda Like having your fishing line in the water before it is time even though your bait is not on the bottom and you havent caught anything I'm sure the CO will write you a ticket! Good Luck!! PS. Yes They Have Been Cited for breaking the law and you can bet if it's a slow dat they will cite you for that too!!!! They can and will get you for anything not legal if they want to!!
  14. you are wrong! one hour before the season! after that you can leave out as long as you want during the season on private property! But why would you want to do that! have them stolen which has happened! Or have them get caked up with ice and snow!! Wasn't trying to be a smart (Contact US Regarding This Word)! It is in the regs. Been that way for years! But if you do put them out early and get them taken by the CO let us know we may want to bid on them at the auction!!
  15. Kinda like what is best more drake or hen dekes? Oh by the way ducks cant count!! dont matter!!
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