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  1. Well, two nights into the new pup and so far so good! By no means am I an expert, but with only an accident or two so far in the house and many successful trips outdoors, we are on our way. Thanks for the input on the reading/books. Sounds like there are more than a few options out there! I'll keep you posted and get a picture up, they are so darn fun/cute. They sure do sleep a lot! If we can just get some snow on the ground and get rid of the muddy grass, we can go have some fun outside! Thanks, Phil
  2. Okay, I have a new pup coming home tomorrow that I have adopted from the Animal Humaine Society of MN. She will be 9 weeks old and is a lab/retriever mix. This is my first dog, let alone my first pet. She will become at some point, my hunting buddy. My question(s) are: 1.) What will be a good time to start training her to become familiar with the idea of hunting, I hunt mostly upland birds, no waterfowl. Good age, toys, training wings, etc. 2.) Without breaking the bank, any good classes or books to follow up on for ideas? I would love the satisfaction of doing the training myself. I am sure I could think of a bunch more questions, but I have no idea where to start. I am looking for her to be able to hold her own for a hunter who hunts recreationally. Thanks! Phil
  3. Noob, Both will work, but early in the year I actually do best on artificial, especially for the bigger fish.
  4. I am actually doing the same thing. Heading up there the weekend of the 24th in January. I would also be interested in some tips for Devils Lake.
  5. PGAGolfPro

    Fall Returns

    Lets try this again. No Giants, but numbers were great less than 2 weeks ago! Outing, MN
  6. Here are a few from a week and a half ago. First time fishing for them in the snow, but man what a blast! Water temp was still 51-52 degrees. Probably caught at least 20-25 fish in a day and a half. What the wife and I woke up to in Outing that weekend.
  7. Alright, I know this has been addressed many times on this site before, but I need to get a new handheld for ice fishing. I had a Lowrance H2Oc for a while, got rid of it, and realize that its time to reinvest. All I have heard is that the new Lowrance products are no where near the quality of the H2O and the screens are hard to read?? Any and all input is welcome, including calling me an [PoorWordUsage] for getting rid of the H2O! Ugh... Thanks, Phil
  8. Here are three that I got last night. Was out from 4:30-8:30, and the action was AWESOME! 37" 44" 42" All released to fight another day. They are absolutely gorgeous fish!!
  9. As dumb as it sounds, try a lake close to you? If the spring is similar to last year, I was on Minnetonka just after midnight and caught nine fish that pushed the 40lbs.+ mark!! Great fishing if the conditions are right on Tonka. Of course, that was the first good opener for me in a while... P
  10. Depends on the day I guess, but for Tigers I LOVE black/red and for Pure Strain I like black/orange and anything with some white on/in it!! Gosh those Tigers smoke the black/red!!
  11. Hi All~ I am looking to sell two(2) of my used musky reels and a musky rod that I currently have... The reels are both Calcutta reels: 1. Calcutta 400 Reel & 2. Calcutta 400B Reel ...Both reels are in great shape, the 400 is 2 years old and the 400B is only 1 year old. The rod I am selling is a St. Croix Rod: 1. PM80MHF 8' MH Fast Rod (listed on the Premier Musky Rods section of St. Croix's HSOforum) This rod was hardly ever used, but was good for throwing BIG BullDawgs... I would really like to get rid of all three(3) items, but give me a call or shoot me an email regarding possible purcahse options... I am asking $350 for all three combined, call or email with questions...(all 3 brand new would be over $550, so I think its a pretty good deal...) 952-451-0511 [email protected] Thanks, Phil
  12. WOW!! I posted this this other day, and since I am not working until March 1st again, I only get to check the computer stuff so often. With that said, I was exstatic when I saw there were 8 replies to the post, but I had no idea that it would cause such controversy or argument... I am by no means trying to rip someone off here, just trying to honestly give someone a deal. I actually checked online trying to figure out what price to charge, and most places had the unit selling for $269.99,and that did not include the chip...but I did not check Fleet Farm or Scheels. I am not going to defend the price I had listed, because at the time, I thought I was giving a reasonable price. Like it was stated, if you can get the unit for cheaper than that and I will adjust the price I would charge. Again, with the being said, I would be willing to take $275 or b/o... Thanks!
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