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  1. How is the musky fishing on these lakes (Bone, Balsam, Deer, Wap, etc)? I found information that Bone and Deer used to be really good but that spearing really hurt the populations. Most of the threads I found were at least a few years old. Buddy and I are looking to branch out from metro area and this looked like a close area with good fish potential. He fishes Balsam for bass but hasn't fished it for musky.
  2. I bought a separate 12v battery for the depth finder and it's a direct connection to the depth finder from the battery with an inline fuse. I have a battery tender plus charger to recharge it. It's those smaller style 12v batteries, like for a golf cart or a 4 wheeler. I have 2, one for emergency backup. They are light and don't take up much room. I also read where guys will take 8 AA rechargeable batteries and run the depth finder off of that.
  3. Slick trick are great. They fly perfect and leave serious blood trails. I have been using them since 2004.
  4. Horns are starting to come in nicely. These are from almost 2 weeks ago. 3 different bucks but it's still a little early to tell how nice they will be. I have been checking cameras weekly mainly because it's on my route and not out of the way for me to do so. I hope to have some fawn pictures this weekend when I check.
  5. Not necessarily true. If it's got true GPS then it will work even without service. Others have GPS that depends on cell tower triangulation, which is reliant on cell service. Depends on the model phone you have. Same goes for tablets. If you get a tablet with a built in GPS antenna (like a galaxy tab) then it will work without a 3G type service.
  6. Thanks for the advice Tyler! I am tempted to try the night fishing this weekend, we had talked about trying it last weekend but didn't get to it. As far as the gar I had no idea it was all that big at the time. We cut it up as best we could for the smoker. Bummer.
  7. So the gamefish weren't cooperating last week, nor were the turkeys. We saw a ton of fish flopping in the shallows so I went out to Fleet Farm, bought a reel and a couple arrows and decided to give it a shot. The water was higher on Friday but the fish were still there and very active. I only had a couple hours to shoot and we were done in an hour. We made 6 our artificial limit and quit when we got to 6. Mostly buffalo and only 1 carp. We went back on Saturday and the fish were not nearly as active and the water again had gone up quite a bit. It was more like deer hunting where we just stood in a spot and waited for a fish to come by. I did manage to get a 46 inch gar, it weighed just over 12 lbs which I guess is a big one. I didn't manage to get anything huge as far as the buffalo and carp go, only 12 lbs was the biggest. I missed a couple really good ones though. My question is what do you do with all these things? We quit at a total of 10 fish for 2 days as my dad has a smoker and was going to smoke them all. I took one buffalo and fried it with Shorelunch and it tasted pretty good I have to say. Had a few bones to pick out but nothing major. Also do they tend to wander? ON Thursday it was like a tidal wave with all the chasing, Friday it was a little less and Saturday it was practically non-existent. We think they may have gotten out into the main portion of the river as the water had risen quite a bit. They weren't in the woods as I got out of the boat and wandered around quite a bit and didn't find many more fish.
  8. Pro version is 80 bucks at fleet farm.
  9. I saw 1 deer in 6 days. This was Houston, Winona and Wabasha. Drives that typically produce 5-10 sightings were empty. I don't get it. I saw plenty of deer during archery season. This was the first time since 1996 our group of 3 didn't get at least 1 deer.
  10. Did you go to Winona for High School? I went there. Would you believe I haven't even shot a doe yet? The majority of my hunting is done in hunter's choice and as such I have to keep my tag for that ever elusive buck. I do hunt some land in a management zone but haven't had a chance at a doe in those areas. I should note I'm hunting southeast MN and we don't have the wolf problem yet. Deer numbers seem high to me still. That being said we haven't seen any deer in 3b gun, mainly because they just don't seem to move anymore during this season because nobody hunts it. We tried making multiple drives last weekend and never saw a deer, I have a feeling if we see one we will see a bunch.
  11. I've hunted probably 30 days so far this season. Early season I saw a lot of deer and quite a few bucks, several big ones. Then I had 2 weeks off at the end of Oct/early November. I hunted 10 days, over 100 hours on stand in MN and WI, including 5 straight days of all day sits. In other words I have put in the time. Anyhow, the quality deer sightings (big deer) during that 2 week stretch was very low. I had 6 days of 10+ deer sightings, however I only saw 2 big bucks. I probably saw 40 different bucks, but other than those 2 they were all little ones (yearlings/2 yr olds). During a 5 day stretch in Buffalo County (just across river) I did not see a single big deer and only 1 big deer was shot in camp. I would hear chasing and grunting in the dark and then shortly after sunrise everything just stopped. I think the warm weather and the full moon just wreaked havoc with hunting. This weekend I went gun season and walking out to the stand at 5:45 I was casting a shadow, that's how bright the moon still was. I don't think the numbers are as low as people say, like I said I have seen a ton of deer this year, but the deer movement this month has really been lacking.
  12. There should be plenty of nice bucks left. I'm in hunter's choice territory so if I see a monster doe come by I may just blast her. The bucks haven't cooperated to this point in either MN or WI so that first big doe might be in trouble.
  13. Yep for those following here's the breakdown this season: Oct 20-23 youth firearms season Nov 5-13 shotgun season 3A Nov 19-27 shotgun season 3B Nov 26-Dec 11 muzzleloader In that timeframe there are 8 weekends. A whopping 7 of them have a gun season of some sort going on.
  14. I love daylight savings time. I hate standard time (which is what we are on now). I couldn't care less if it's dark out when I go to work. I do hate that it's dark when I get home from work. I was glad they exteded DST a few years back I just wish they'd keep DST all year long.
  15. I have hunted zone 3 my whole life. Why we still have 2 shotgun seasons is beyond me. I don't mind the APRs. Last year I had to pass a really nice buck, huge body, but it only had 6 points, the brows were either missing or broken off already. Oh well chalk it up as a hunting story. I've never mistaken a buck for a doe that I shot. Button bucks have been shot but that's a different story. What I see as a problem is the state really is at least 3 or 4 states and yet they manage it as one. Zone 3 could easily have the shotgun season moved back to late November/early December. Just one 9 day season from the Saturday after Thanksgiving until the following Sunday. Make a rule too that you can't hunt zone 3 if you had bought a tag for another zone in the state. Kind of like Iowa, although Iowa's starts in early Dec. Heck if you want throw in an early muzzleloader season in the first weekend in October. From the 3rd weekend (MEA weekend) in October until the 3rd weekend in December there is exactly 1 weekend where there isn't a gun season of some type going on.
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