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  1. I usually smoke my trout but I'm looking for new idea's. Care to share any receipe's? Much thanks
  2. I get it, the Chicago reference. True, this is where I live but spent the first 23 years in MN. Still visit often. Taking the boys & a new dad camping and fishing at The Barn Resort. Annual deal since college 20+ years ago.
  3. Looking to make the annual trip to the SBRR. I'm here in Chicago and I know we have 9 days to go but what can you say about conditions currently? Hope to be making the trip soon!
  4. I decided to not make the trip from IL to fish the streams on opener. Typically fish the SB of the Root. How was fishing and water conditions in the area? Looks like more precip on Tuesday but hoping to be there Friday to semi-stained or clear water. Much thanks for the information. The 8 yo boy is jacked and so is the 43 yo man!
  5. National Trout Center, Check you private messages. I went to your site and e-mailed you but it was bounced.
  6. I live in the NW suburbs of Chicago (yea, I know) but great up in B'ville and have a place in Ely so I do get back. Anyways, I'm interested in learning how to build a rod, equipment needed, rough cost to get started, etc. Any good websites to go to? My 8 yo son is an avid fisherman and I thought it would be cool to have him also build a rod with me. Appreciate any help you can offer. !Chicago Boy (via MN for 23 years)
  7. Have duck boat, will fish while we can't shoot. I can float on the Fox River at Broken Oar or north of that. A few questions.... Any launches around Chapel Hill Rd? Where would you fish and for what? Pistakee Lake have any decent fishing? Can't really fully navigate the chain as my boat is 18' but a flat bottom so it hammers hard on the waves. THanks!
  8. Crappie98, Welcome to the Republic of IL. I moved here 18 years ago from MN as well. Travel back to do my hunting/fishing for the most part. Tough around here. I live in Cary. PM me if you want more data. -Chciago Boy
  9. Thinking about making the opener this year. Missed it last year and paid the price as I heard it was a great experience. Commuting from the Chicago area. Can anyone provide some stream condition details? I know we have 3 wks but I'm excited. Thanks, CB
  10. How do the streams look?
  11. Looks like I will be heading in for the opener this year. I know we have two weeks, but how do the streams look? Specifically, the S. Branch of the Root? Hope everyone has a safe and productive opener! ~Chicago Boy
  12. Looking to procure a log/journal for all my huntign trips. Would liek a durable one preferrably in leather wiht a spot to add 1-2 pics. Can anyone provide some direction, suggestions and/or links? Much thanks,
  13. How about Hellwig? ANyone ever fish that? Looks like the DNR did some heaftly improvements over the past several years.
  14. Fish on and others, I can't sem to get the NOAA to update. Others having the same issue? Can you cut and past anything that may help? THANKS
  15. Anyone every fish Rupprecht's? I used to but that was back in my college day in the late 80's. Neat little stream
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