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  1. I would love to take if off your hands if you were closer to the cities...
  2. Plan on coming up there tonight. How's the weather looking for the weekend? Any info from the guys up there would be great. Thanks.
  3. fly651

    Did you hear about the trade proposal?

    It be a mistake trading the MVP for a first round and Gordan or whosoever. Trade wally for someone better while he's not hurt.
  4. fly651

    DNR took our deer.

    Just a thought cause why would someone risk getting caught in there? That place we hunt has too many CO's.
  5. fly651

    DNR took our deer.

    My younger brother went out last Friday and shot a little spike with his bow but it ran into a rufugee area. He and my older brother went and got two conservation officers and tried to track the deer down but never found him. The officers then said that if we were going to come back and look for him don't bring any guns or archery. So the next day we went back out there and searched again but without luck. The following morning my brother went and hunted for about 3 hours in his stand and saw a hiker poke his stick at something by the road. My brother then went to check it out and there it was the head of the spike he shot a couple days ago. Only him my older brother and the conservation officers knew about the deer in the refugee area. It would have been his first deer with his bow and someone had to ruin it. Oh well there's about a month and a half left hopefully it was for the better.
  6. [Note from admin, Please use the items wanted forum for this type post]
  7. You still have the truck? How much you willing to sacrafice for it?