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  1. Thinking about coming down to Nebraska for some duck or goose hunting in January. We were froze out up north here for the last week of the season. Still have the itch to shoot some ducks and geese!! Are non-resident duck licenses available over the counter or are they lottery like SD? Do ducks and geese winter there or are they just passing through for points farther south? How easy are public hunting areas to access? Does a person need a boat or can you get by hunting ponds? Thanks in advance for any help!! Adam
  2. This might be a long shot but a buddy and I were planning on Lake of the Woods this weekend, however, the water is a little hard up there. So we are looking for other options. Anyone down south have suggestions? We are open and have decoys for geese.
  3. I am interested. Will be over in rapids in a little while. Text me at 218-290-2435. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the info guys. Where would one find public hunting area maps? Are there other areas besides the WMA and WPA's that can be found on the DNR HSOforum? Also have family out that way that have some private to hunt it sounds like.
  5. Looking at going pheasant hunting the week before Christmas somewhere in MN. We are from Northern MN. What are everyone's suggestions for where to go? Thanks in advance!!
  6. Just called again and they said everything was shipped back...
  7. How old is the dryer? Know anyone up in the Hibbing area? Am interested but won't be down in that area for a while...
  8. Does it open up and down or side to side?
  9. Wish I was closer!!! I would take it...
  10. Thats one high quality fan...especially with the quantity of stickers on it. It would be worth more though if it had a Royals sticker!!
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