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  1. The final game is tommorw night with UND and the U of M hockey teams. I'm thinking Gophers 3 / UND 1. Yup, tack on another national championship for Gophers Hockey
  2. Seems like this is happening more and more all of the time. It's really a shame to see it. I'm 20 years old and I was brought up with the catch and release method. If these people getting caught are this arrogant to keep this many fish and ruin that lake for everyone else, they probably don't deserve to own a fishing license. Just my thought on the subject.
  3. If theres gas gettin into the oil, and it's flodding on him, your float in the carb is sticking a little bit. I have the same problem with my 2004 Sportsman 500 with gas getting into the oil, but mine doesnt flood out when I'm riding. I asked my dealer and he said when your done riding for the day turn the gas valve off and let the fourwheeler idle about 45 seconds. This burns most of the gas out of the line and carb. As for the backfire almost every atv will back fire at some point, mine does when I go fast in reverse and let off the throttle. Hope this helps your buddy.
  4. How do I post a picture on the side of my posts by my location and stuff.
  5. They should have started testing more back when Sosa and McGwire where battling out.
  6. Gotta love them Twins. Me and my roomates where just sittin around playin buck and all of a sudden the Twins where up 8-4. Congrats to Jacque Jones for the first homer for the twins this year. Yeah...we already have the penant rapped up if they hit the rest of the season like they did tonight. Lets Go Twins
  7. If you go down there after a nice sized rain there will be quite a bit of mud for you and your buddies. They have a few different types of trails you can ride. My favorite is the big one they have that travels through the hills and trees along the outsides of the park. Then they have two more in the main park. One in the main park is a gravel trail with jumps and tight corners to let your tail end break loose. The other is an Enduro trail, thats where the mud is. Then they also have a 20-25 ft mound of clay that you can climb. Not sure if it settled down at all but I'm sure they will bring more clay in if it did. They also have a few pits dug out with a sand bottom and sand all around them that fill up 2-3 ft deep with water. Thats a blast going through them too. I'll keep ya updated for when the park opens up for the summer.
  8. For all of you riders, there is a ATV and Dirtbike Park just outside of Appleton, MN, It's a pretty big park and I have a blast there with my Polaris Sportsman 500 H.O. It just opened last summer and I'm not quite sure if they have it open quite yet with all of the melting of snow and such. Don't want any deep ruts on the trails. The location of the park is: Take Highway 59 East out of town towards Holloway, then the park is only about a mile or two out of Appleton right by the Appleton Sprtsmans Club. I rode in there about four times last summer and it got to be more of a blast each time. I'll keep yall posted for when it opens.
  9. Just wondering when the rodeo is this summer. Might do some fishing in the area also. Give me some feedback yall
  10. Who deserves the new stadium more, the Twins or Vikings. I'm pulling for the Twins here.
  11. Anyone who is an avid duck hunter like myself knows how important it is to keep and preserve the habitat of these birds. One way we all can take part in doing this is to build wood duck houses. I have about seven houses set out along some river bottom that my dad owns. I just checked them over the easter weekend and six of the seven houses had broken shells in them. This was pretty awesome for me because I love wood ducks. So just take an afternoon and build a couple of these houses. But get them out soon because the hens will be laying there eggs real soon. There easy to make and it's pretty gratifying to know that you're doing something to help the habitat of these wooducks.
  12. I have an 1986 Polaris Indy trail. I just had the carbs cleaned this last winter and it ran fine for about 100 miles than one day I was taking it across the yard and it up and quit running on me. It almost sounds like it's only hitting on one cylinder but I'm not very good with sled motors. Could the dealrship that cleaned the carbs messed something up or do you think theres somethin wrong with the float or jets.
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