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  1. A 40.5 I got A Healthy 43in for my brother both caught this past weekend.
  2. I second the tip on Scepaniak, great guy with a wealth of knowledge. Predator Guide Service is his. [Note from admin: Your post has been edited. Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.]
  3. game fair is awesome. i like water fowler hill you can always find great deals like last year my cousin got a SUB for $140 they usually retail at about $200 if your lucky. and the dogs are a blast to watch. I also always like shooting the shotgun with an 8 foot barrel. But the game fair has a variety of things for everyone.
  4. went sunday for a little while weekend two rainbow's kinda sucked the auger wouldn't start up so we were stuck with the first two holes we drilled
  5. I shoot 308 150 core locks never had a problem I shot two deer this weekend both through the heart. I would say it's the gun not the ammo
  6. o it's on I had a 3pt walk by me nose to the ground had another buck walking behind me grunting the whole way following a doe then the buck I shot was nose to the ground rite where the doe walked.'
  7. I would say the 2000 is the best shotgun I have ever owned. This my 3rd season with it only had one problem and that was the choke tube was stuck so brought it back to sportsman's and I it was fixed in 2 weeks otherwise shoots all loads from 2 3/4 #7's to 3in BBB. If I were you I would defiantly get it
  8. http://img517.imageshack.us/img517/37 that was monday only two others the whole weekend
  9. they are the same quality. I just think they are trying to expand there target market by placing them in stores that hundred's of thousand's of people frequent each year. I think it's kind of smart
  10. I had a Mossberg 20ga pump that would not eject the speed shot shell's. But it was fine with the ultra shock loads so I really don't know.
  11. it's been ok saw a few but finally boated a 49 last weekend it was awsome.
  12. Last weekend 49 dint take the girth wanted to get the fish back in the water. O yea Millacs
  13. Well we were fishing a small stream. The Reg's on that stream were 3 trout but they have to be over 8in. So we only took 30 out and as far as I have seen only one or two others fish the stretch that we do. And we only go on opener so we give it all year to settle down so that is ready for the following season.
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