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  1. Local stuff from Northern MN boys "Forthangel" they rock!!
  2. Goosebusters is out of "Mayer" go figure, give Phil a call , he will take care of you
  3. go to the auto detail area of a good auto parts store and get a "Clay bar detail kit" that is what it is made for to take off contaminants and junk that accumulates, makes it like showroom condition again
  4. it's not a fireball for sure look at the pics it is FLAT.... and it is not jrs, been there many times, thanks though, anyone else???
  5. I used to get these from a guy at the spring N.W. spostshow, he had a small booth and hand made these, I wish I would have bought a lot more the last time which was 4-5 yrs ago, that's how long since I've seen him there. I believe he was from the brooklyn park area and worked out of his home. any info would be great .these jigs are awesome and I want more. thanks alot for any info
  6. any other crow smashers on this site??
  7. I like snap weights, like the snap/clamps used for planer boards, (offshore tackle) they used to make a kit with diff size weights to put on the snap, you let out about 50 ft of line then clamp weight on let more line out etc.
  8. if it is "posted" don't do it! we'll t.i.p. you in a heartbeat
  9. yea, get rid of the vexilar unit ;-) j.k. I just carry a small handheld unit if needed ,doesn't have a name brand on it ,had it for years, has a needle gauge instead of the lights
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