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  1. Just ordered a bimini top for our boat. Was eventually through the winter wanting to add side curtains and either a front or rear curtain or most likely both. Its a 16ft Lund tiller model. Any suggestions on how to make it a more "fishable" boat after curtains are on would be great. Just wanted to cut the cold spring/fall wind down. Seen one with side zippers in the arch of the frame that looks like it might be a good idea. Any pics of your boat with one already on it would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Farmer
  2. The pressure switch is in the gray box cover that is sguare or rectangler. The best way to see if you are having back pressure is like what is mentioned before. Shut power off to the entire system and see if you still have water flow from the well head. If not, you have problems in the well casing. Even with a artisian well you can stop the flow of water from the casing head. I can,t recall what the device is, but we have put some on wells in pastures to keep water tanks from flooding the surrounding ground. Farmer
  3. Seen a few today from the combine. These were the first ones I had seen all spring and summer. Not alot, but gives hope I can get the dog out and do some hunting. Farmer
  4. Thanks guys for the ideas. Sounds like the self inflating type to go with. Now to choose the right type and brand. With any thing, what you pay for is what you get. Wide choice out there and price range. Any suggestions on brands would be appreciated. Don't want to spend big bucks for something that you can spend less on and get the same quality. Farmer
  5. I have to agree with the survey report for 2010. Here in Dallas and Boone county, I have not seen any at all in ditches,waterways,alfalfa fields and roads. Usually see a few before crops begin going out. Tough times for wildlife with the winter we just went thru and the spring monsoon rains that we recieved. Farmer
  6. I was wondering what others suggested for a cushion for a cot to sleep on? Do I go with a pad,air mattress,memory foam or what. As with many of you, lower back aches and sore sides from sleeping on just a sleeping bag is no good for the next days activity. Any help in this would be greatly appreciated. What are the pros and cons of each type. All use would be during summer and fall months, so insulating from the cold is not an issue. If there is any recent post on this subject, could someone help link it to my questions. Thanks for any help. Farmer
  7. Try the Lodge of Whispering Pines on Big Lake up the Echo Trail. Camping spots right on the waters edge and secluded from the cabins. Only 5 spots so check before you head up. Just got back from there, the fishing was good as always. Farmer
  8. We found the best thing to use is common cooking yeast. Every six months pour a small packet into the system. Another thing that will greatly reduce the time between pumping of the tank is to totally avoid any tissue or toilet paper contain the letter "C" in the beginning of the product brand name. Since doing so we tripled our time between clean outs. Hope this helps you out. Farmer
  9. Hey, Thanks for the explanations on my questions I had about the gun.Makes sense now you hear the terms. Savage 223 is the gun I think we'll try and find. And Thanks on the ammo tip also. Farmer
  10. Hey, Thanks again for all the info provided here on this site. Got to say this is the best outdoors related site on the net bar-none. Congrats to all who have worked to get this going and keeping it up and running!!!! I am thinking of going with the 223, by what has been mentioned from all. Looked on Savage's site and they have one for around 550.00 a little more than what we wanted to spend, but to protect the livestock that's pretty cheap insurance. Here's what they have to say about it. with some questions about it since I am a novice on rifles. Savage-223 Remington Action-bolt Capacity-4 rounds Barrel length-22 inches Sight-3-9x40 scope mounted and bore sighted Trigger-Accutrigger Swing-nylon Barrel Type- free floating/button rifled My qustion is what the heck do they mean by free floating/button rifled? Scope-3-9x40mm, what does that all mean? Reddog- I tryed that site, lets just say the anti agriculture talk turned me off and leave it at that. Thanks for the tip anyway. Farmer
  11. Thanks guys for the ideas. Picksbigwagon - Sad to say, but no rifle owned at all, go figure. That's why it's time to find a good one is now. Deer hunting is done by 12 guage Remington. Reddog - We live about 35 miles NW of Des Moines. Icehousebob - Your idea of having a gun that won't carry to far out is a good one. We have alot of neighbors around. Yes, half of them are relation, but being a GOOD neighbor is always the way to go in any matter related to farming and what goes with it. Follow up - Got a call from my mother(86 years old) around 9 last night saying she heard them again. We live 1/4 mile down the road from her. She, now don't laugh, blows a whistle at them to move them out.Went out side and heard a pack at her farm and another answering back about 1/2 mile on the other side of our farm. Place is over run with yotes, every farm dog in a mile radius was barking at them. Called a good friend and he is coming this week to do some calling to try and thin some out. Will let you know how that goes. But it,s time I have my own rifle to shot some while he is not around. The Marlin or Savage 17 looks like it might work for what I am wanting to do.Keep the ideas for a good Non Bank breaking gun coming. Thanks Farmer
  12. I want to first off, offer a Thank You to all that might reply to my questions. Our family is having troubles with coyotes coming into the farm and buildings that my mother lives on that we don't, but holds all the livestock there. The past week I have seen them around and my mother hears them each night.The trouble is we are now in the beginning of lambing season.With the sounds of new born lambs and of course the blood and etc. associated with birthing it will draw many more in. I need to start clearing them out now before we have major problems. I would like to know what type of gun and grain of ammo and scope you suggest I should be looking at for my best results in knocking them down? Most of my shots look like they would be in the 100 - 200 yard range in open field. Of course I don't want to break the bank in doing so as I will only be hunting our farm not going out looking for them. If there is a topic on this already in this forum please let us know! Thanks again Farmer
  13. Perchking: We have a Generac Guardian LP series. Have had it for 2 years now with no problems so far. Reliable,extremely quiet when running. Main office of Generac, was very good to deal with when dealing with rebates and installation questions. The model we have is a stand-by, with self test mode on it. Hope this helps Farmer
  14. WOW Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed a? I very rarely comment about others posts on here. You are a board member so to speak for this site and you come off on people like this? Not very nuetral for your status is it? This is of course just my opinion. Farmer
  15. Quote:What a warrior, no wonder the Vikings were so feared....can you imaging a long boat full of Brock Lesnars with swords and battle axes, comming to pay you a visit with blood in their eyes? A whole boat load of berserkers that wanted your lunch money! Lesnar will be a mad dog when he enters the ring from now on. He's tasted blood (victory) Just plain Bad to the Bone. Farmer
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