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  1. Armour all is the way to go. I keep those armour all wipes in my boat just for this very reason. Helps wipe down the seats & dash as well
  2. Great story!!! I think anyone who has elderly parents/grandparents that like to fish should do the same
  3. Great job. My 11 year old son just speared his 1st ond today also on his first outing & is 100 % hooked
  4. Hello Everone: Here is my question My 11 year old son is absolutely over the top excited about northern fishing. We went just about every weekend we could this fall. Let me tell you it was alot of fun to see him catch a 26" pike and think it was so big we should "get it mounted" Where in Minnesota would any of you go if you could, on a trip to catch some big northerns, what time of year would you suggest, and what would you use. If anybody knows of any guides that specialize in Northerns only that would be great. My plan is to take him somewhere next summer for his birthday on a northern mission. We have a 19' Lund so big water isn't a problem. Its just that I'm a walleye guy and I haven't really fished that hard for northerns in 30 years. Keep in mind he is 11 and patience is not at the top of the list Thanks for any suggestions
  5. fishingdad


    First and foremost let me say this I can't stand the Redwings and do not like the Pens much better, and when these two teams make it to the finals I said to myself "here we go again just like last year same 2 teams probaly same outcome. Yawn". BUT this series has been fantastic and I have a hard time beleiving 2 other teams could have this excitement for the cup this year. I have actually cancelled other plans to watch game 5 tonight. Go Pens!!! Did I just say that? I guess I did
  6. I am posting this just to let anyone and everyone know that if you are in need of some minor or major boat repair done that Bakken's boat shop is the place to go. I had a pretty serious transom issue going on with a 7 year old Lund Fisherman that Lund would not stand behind so I brought it to Bakken's and I could not be happier!!! I did not meet Steve but I dealt with Richard. Steve's Dad I beleive and what a class act. It is so refreshing to actually get customer service nowadays that I will always remember the good ones and these guys are the good ones. To my understanding my boat was one of the harder transoms they have dealt with but it is done and the boat is safe and my family is as excited as I am for the walleyes and crappies to be splashing in the livewell. Thank You again Bakken's.... fishingdad (Bill)
  7. You rolled out of bed at 6 this morning (me) to get the paper and see what the hockey scores from last night were
  8. Great list PierBridge! might I add . (You still watch slapshot every 2-3 months)
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