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  1. Yes what a great voice with an even better man behind it. One of the nicest persons in the world, had an awesome life and an amazing career. Never again will there be an offical "voice of the minnesota twins". The radio broadcasts just wont be quite the same. At least we know hes up there hanging out with loved ones which im sure include Kirby and Bob. Touch em all kirby puckett touch em all. May they all RIP.
  2. Ive also been looking for next season. My buddies shoot all sorts of different guns and the one ive been impressed with is the benelli M2. Its basically a mini version of the SBE2 and shoots only up to 3 inch. He shoots it because it fits him so well, hes a pretty small fella. I think that is the key, go to a local gun shop and stay there for a while. Shoulder as many guns as you can with a coat on too is a good idea. Feel and fit i think are the most important. The SBE2 seems to fit a lot of hunters and it fits me like a glove so thats what i will be going with. Now i just have to raise the 13 benjamns.
  3. I agree my hunting party hunts strictly over ghg decoys with flocked heads. I think they look the most realistic and have extremely good paint on them. We go out a couple times a week and they take the abuse real well. Also if your looking for a lot of realism i would to reccomend the ffd's the lessers or hutchies are quite a bit cheaper and still look increadible. That is what my next purchase will be a couple dozen fully flocked ghg chickens Gotta love them plastic friends.
  4. It was quite easy for us to find areas to hunt out there. Most of the fields are not posted so its legal to hunt them. I would still advise asking the owner just so they know that your out there. I think we are now heading out just west of Jamestown this coming weekend, looking for snows and canadians, picked up another dozen green head gear full body canadas and 400 snow goose rags, was wondering how many you typically use. Hope to find some good goose shooting. Any info abput the area or snow hunting is appreciated thanks.
  5. Going out the last weekend in october to field hunt some canadians and hopefully some ducks. Was wondering how long the birds usually stick around out there. We have about 3 dozen bigfoots and about the same number of shells and a few dozen sillouttes. Was wondering if snows and blues also would react to canada decoys or if we should buy some rags. Went out near devils lake oct. 13-17 and concentrated on mallards and did very well. Hoping for the same type of success. Any info would be much appreciatted. I think were gonna hunt the south west part of the state.
  6. Its like that (Contact US Regarding This Word) lollypop question. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW. I'll just agree that theres nothing else id rather do than hunt or fish. But i have also been out in the fall in a duck boat in casting to about 5 feet of water catching nice eater sized walleyes in the late fall now thats a double threat.
  7. Great info guys thanx for the responses now i have to add a nova to my list of guns i look and drool on at the sporting stores
  8. Thanks for the replys guys, what about the difference between a sbe2 and original sbe. The only difference is some dimmpling on the grips and a better recoil abosbtion if im not correct? Is it truely worth the upgrade between the two?
  9. I know this is way out of season butI currently hunt thief river falls for deer. There arent a lot of big bucks in the area due to overharvisting of small immature bucks. There was a law in the air on weather there just be a QDM enforced in the area. This is where no small bucks are to be taken, most often the antlers are to be past the ears to be able to bag it. They do this in many other states including parts of Wisconsin and eastern states. Our hunting party practices this method anyways and it has worked great on our 400 acre plot. The bucks in there are much larger antlered on average compared to the rest of the area. Also many hunters in that region will not take does for some reason. I think there all old school hunters and do not understand that the buck to doe ratio is way out of whack. Theres a reason that the area has been intensive harvest for some years now. We have to start taking more does than bucks to even things out a bit. This will make rattling and bleat calls much more effective. I myself usually shoot 3 does and one large buck to try and even things out a bit. Doe meat on average tastes much better than those big old swamp bucks anyways. I think something should be started up in this region and if its successful it should be brought state wide. What are your thoughts.
  10. Im just a broke college kid but i hunt basically anything with wings. I shoot and old 870 pump, which i love dont get me wrong. But im thinking about upgrading to a super black eagle 2 hopefully. Does anybody shoot this gun and have anything to say about their performance. Ive only ever heard good things so thats why im interested.
  11. Anybody own or ever hear anything about kodiak bows. I can get a really good deal on one and was wondering how they compare to top of the line models. Also i was wondering about a whisker biscuit for a rest. They seem to slow the arrow down a bit but are so convienent for hunting. Any experience with these items would be appreciated.
  12. Im a student at bsu and am seeing a lot of wings flapping in the breeze. Tons of goldeneyes, mallards and even some woodies. Thats my report from the bemidji area. How are the birds looking around the rest of the state? Oh ya and like always plenty of canadians to go around, almost time for early goose .
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