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  1. have no idea if it will work in a hummingbird sorry model of chips are 1)lakemaster pro maps LKPM-MN 2) LAKEMASTER PRO 3) ONTARIO PRO MAP dont know where you find the date i dont have a locator any longer to put in
  2. For sale Lowrance LC X-15MT with GPS module.Locator is in perfect condition with all wiring included.Now the good part comes with (3) chips with 10 years of musky fishing info (1) lakemaster pro map chip (1) lowrance mn lake chip and (1) Canada chip. I spent 8 years on lake of the woods musky fishing and have alot of excellant spots marked on chip $800.00
  3. I bought one last year and was not impressed not enough heat output to even stay warm in a one man
  4. first off i'll apolige to all the fmers out there who get on this site for some usefull information as i do but i have to reply to muskybug as soon as you get off your soup box and quit staring glassy eyed at all the "pros" out there you will relize that when you make a comment like your 1st post there is going to be some feedback i have fished the north sand proberly longer than you have been around so i do have a clue and believe me it is no secert but to see (61) fish in one outing is a heck of a day now if you did or did'nt i really don't care but before you start telling people they don't have a clue or that there looking foolish you might want to think sit back and relax fishing is suppose to be fun
  5. Hawgwobbler now thats funny finally someone besides by self sees the talk for what it is
  6. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW THATS A FISH STORY
  7. I pound the water every weekend and once or twice during the week and i have gotten two seasons out of my powerpro just remember to cut off 5'or6' feet once in a while and retie your leaders
  8. I have an artic cat 400 manual love it use it to plow snow /ice fish/trail ride/have had no problems
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