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  1. I was fishing in Ely the first week of february. Got out to the crappie lake. All went well, Gator ran, Brand new auger started, fish trap went up no problem. Then Bam! Vexilar would not work right. I tried everything. Is it possible something inside of it could have frozen? I took it back to the cabin and warmed it up and then worked fine. It was like someone close to me just died when it quit working. Anyone else ever have this happen to them? The temps were in the -20's below. Thanks! Mark
  2. Nice! If I were close to you I'd buy some! Mark
  3. Sullivan Bay is normally good for Crappies, I would try Moose Bay, its one bay over from Sullivan, to the East. --Mark
  4. Thats right, no hunting in VNP. If I were you, and you have the time, I would wake up early, and take an hour drive back down to Orr, and then towards Crane Lake. Hunt all the trails off the Echo trail, the 55 mile long gravel road that goes to Ely. This is what I would do, I have stayed on Ash River Many times! Sunset Resort. Where are you Staying? Crappie Fishing might be good this time of year! Good Luck! Mark
  5. If I were you, I would totally drain all the water that you can out of your holding tank, hot water heater, etc. Then add pink to your holding tank, maybe 4-5 gallons, depending on the size, then pump it through all fixtures, until good pink color shows at each fixture. Dont forget the shower head and toilet! Then I would open all drains, including grey and black water outlets. Get all or what you can, fluid out of the camper. Leave all valves in the open position. In the spring it would be a good idea to to add a couple cups of 5% household bleach to your holding tank and then fill it with fresh water. Let it sit for a day, then totally flush with clean water, and you will be good to go. This will disinfect anything that might have crawled into your lines during the winter. Leaving all valves open will prevent lines from breaking if it does freeze, but you know it wont freeze if you get pink everywhere! Blowing air is not needed, + you can blow apart fittings with too much air if your not carefull. I hoped this helped. Good Luck!
  6. Wow! What a lake, Superior is 1200 miles around, and has enough fresh water to cover the entire Continental U.S. in 12 inches of water!!!!
  7. Is this a large lake near Perrault Falls? I think it is... Anyway, I fished it when I was younger.. Let me know if this is the lake your talking about. Mark
  8. Swamp Scooter..... Thanks Bud. I will give ya a shout on email..... Anyone else been here? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!! Mark
  9. Heading to a fly in at Roger Lake in a couple weeks. Anyone ever been there or nearby? Any reports for this summer so far? Thanks for any information. Mark
  10. Many years? Probobaly hundreds of years.....
  11. ST... I was wondering.....Have you ever saw an Eagle standing in water? I saw an Eagle Standing in water, about a foot and a half, and it was a Bald Eagle. This happened In Yellowstone. Just wondering if you have ever seen this? I was amazed. I have photographed a lot of Eagles in VNP. I have spent a lot of time there as well as Ely. Nice photo, Ealges are awesome!!!!! Mark
  12. Thanks a lot for the info!!!! We are going on a fly in to Rogers Lake, its part of the english river system. Good to know they are a top notch outfit. We actually got one hell of a deal on this trip, by reserving it at a sports show. Thanks again! Mark
  13. Anyone ever fly with Big North Lodge? Thanks. --Mark
  14. Your fish was 20 yards from the fish house? I dont think it was stolen. Nice picture, but feeding the Eagles is probobaly not the right thing to do. Crappie or Perch for that matter. Mark
  15. Thats right! Their HSOforum is http://www.ramseygeneralrental.com/ good luck fishing!
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