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  1. Zaraspooks hey were heading to chamberlain narrows for opener too this weekend. we were planning on pulling the tyee from bemidji here, but i think were gonna drive to Sioux lookout and fly in. My buddys old man built a cabin at the resort there and can go there and stay for free whenever he wants. the guy that his dad built the cabin with flies his float plane from crystal, mn up there a few times a summer. i guess he said that we can hop in his plane for nothing so if there is still ice up were gonna do that. were staying in cabin VIP #1 so if you get up there swing on by and have a few with us.
  2. $699 gander in Bemidji just cant justify buying one though, thats a lot of propane.
  3. Originally Posted By: LusidJust buy whatever's cheapest at the time, I think both are great units. funny you say that i got my FL20 last winter at the bargain cave for 300 bucks. said the thing was used but i opened the box and everything was still in its wrappings, i couldn't believe it. i have fished with both units and i love both of them as well. LX-5 just seems to be to computerized, like the screen lags a bit to much. but in the end, if that LX5 would have been on that shelf for 300 instead of the 20 id probably be using a Marcum.....Probably
  4. Paul bunyon state forest has a bunch of acerage as well to walk. bout 20 min south of Bemidji. let us know how ya do and where ya went
  5. That was the greatest thing i have ever heard. Bout time someone says how they actually feel, way to go hunter. By the way i'm with you
  6. this 4.5lb was cought and releases while walleye fishing on North Star lake in Northern MN [image][/image]
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