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  1. TY and I am looking to go in 2010 sorry about that I should have said that in the begining
  2. Has anyone been there? Where would you apply for a tag? Any info would be greatly appreciated
  3. Hey Guys. Is there anyone around the Becker area that would like to hook up and do some Yote Hunting this season??
  4. Thnk you to everyone that posted. I am looking at my loop as the problem and I hope to get it fixed soon so I can hunt Thanks again
  5. How can I keep my peep sight from twisting when I draw my bow? I had a nice doe at 10 yards but could not shoot because my peep sight twisted. Thanks for all the help
  6. I know exactly where that is I will be hunting in the area mabey we can hook up for drinks in Hugo (you know where they help UGLY people get laid) the first round is on you or Rick
  7. I hope that someone turns these people in for some quick cash. If you need it that bad get a second job you dont need to Kill an animal that someone like myself would consider a trophy just because you need the money heck we all need the money but you dont see any one of us doing this
  8. Outfished you said it right and I for one had a great time and I am Glad I did this By the way I noticed that you are from G. Falls I grew up in that area Monte Small World
  9. you said it best shinner and congates to my teammates that did come through and score a bird and all the other contestants you deserve a congrats as well
  10. Sorry Guys the Birds just would not work for me We knew where they were at but nothing would come in
  11. I have 2 Days to go but it seems the birds are gone I hope I can connect
  12. I am looking foward to FRIDAY I hope that we have a chance and we will see who posts first
  13. Very nice Bird Labs4me Tealitup is happy now he can shoot a jake if it is dumb enough to walk in front of him
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