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  1. Going to Puerto Rico in Jan for a week for conference. Does anyone have any advice or suggestion on who or where I could go for some fishing - guided and unguided. Thanks!
  2. I saw one in action recently. Looks good actually. Apparently will take 50 holes on a full charge. No smoke, no pull start. Sounds like a good deal. But for me, I think the ability to convert to a hand auger is a real pull factor for me, so I am with Nils. Let us know what your thoughts are once you get it.
  3. OK. I got the Nils. Here are my thoughts : 1. Truely is effortless cutting. Just hang on to it and it will shave through the ice. There is no need to press down at all. 2. Good 2 stroke. No smoke, just fumes. Runs well 3. Very long auger 4. Basically need full throttle to go all the way thru. If you half or 3/4 throttle it, you will get stuck near the end and it does not have enough torque to cut thru. But the good thing is, you will not be injured or spun around if it catches 5. One thing I really hate about it is the cover for the blades. I still cannot get it right how it should fit on. Unlike the strikemaster's, the cover always goes on right. If I dun figure out a good solution to cover the Nils blades easily, I am sure my fiddling around with the rubber snaps to put the cover on right will result in me cutting myself on the truely razor sharp blades. 6. No problem reopening holes with about 1-2 inches of ice. 7. Oh...cold start requires about 5-8 pulls. When it is warm, one pull. But I realized that it is not a big deal to pull 5-8 times provided it eventually starts as it is a small motor and does not tire me out.
  4. I have tried that before with a 19.2 V cordless drill. Brought two batts along and I could not even get through one 6 " hole last year. I had a 5" auger and I think it does not generate enough torque.
  5. I went to the Marine General site and they do not have any Nils listed. In any case, I am still quite undecided. Is there any where that I could run or test them before deciding?
  6. Yeah. Neither can you find one in MN!!!! And from what I hear, the distributor in WI do not have them in stock. The only place that has them is in VT. You could get them, but you would have to order them to get it shipped. And there is no return allowed. So there goes. [Note from admin: You can order them right here - Click Here for Nils Master Augers.]
  7. Thanks for the tips. I am also considering between these exact two augers. I really do not like the smoke and the mixing required for 2 strokes, but I have been swayed by the good things said about how good and fast the Nils are. But the biggest problem is that the Nils are way too difficult to get quickly. Also, you cannot look at them cos I cannot find any retail shop selling them. This also makes me worried about after sales support since Nils themselves are out in VT and the nearest distributor is in WI. Lastly, they are way more money and even after all that, I gotta still mix oil. Blame it on poor marketing on the part of Nils USA, but I am now really leaning towards the 4 stroke. I can get one cheaper, I can get it now if I want to.... Gander has them, and they are a hair lighter. Also, if you look at the Power Auger speed competition, the first place was actually taken by a Strikemaster. Not Nils. Nils came in second.
  8. It looks like with the battery and everything, I might end up with more weight. Not so keen to do that. Now leaning much towards the 4 stroke. Any problems with that one?
  9. How many holes can the electric drill before they run out??
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