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  1. Had my best year last year despite down roadside counts. Seeing quite a few birds again this year, seems a little down from last year in western and southern MN where I've hunted. Seeing many really young birds the last two weekends with the late hatch. My setter pointed a group of 6 on a WPA last Saturday that could hardly fly. Brittman, had a couple questions regarding your Brittany. Can I PM you?
  2. I'll usually have a box of 7/2 or 8 20ga lead and a box of 7 1/2 steel when I'm going from WMA to WPA for dove.
  3. Tennman, All public. So yes, it's a good option especially if you can get in some weekday hunting. Ryan
  4. Started using Prairie Storm last year, lead #5s and steel 3" #3s for my 20 ga. o/u. Love it! Great knock down power for me. Choked improved cylinder and modified.
  5. Yea tough to handle it calmly..other than a few deaths in my family, including my dad's, it was probably the most emotional event of my life. Not only because the slug was so closet to killing me but even just thinking about how easy a hunting buffy of mine could've been in the backseat, or how at that same time last year my 2 yr old son was in the backseat..that's what upsets me the most. I didn't drag them to the road but was darn close to doing that. CO and DNR arrived quickly thereafter. I haven't deer hunted since that day but I'm getting over it now. Just have to re-think slug hunting or maybe stick to bow next year.
  6. Got a couple roosters on Thursday and tried the method from the video. Worked well. To test it out, I pan fried the 4 legs in hot olive oil, legs covered in Shorelunch. Still a couple tendons in there when eating but an enjoyable way to eat the drummies.
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