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  1. I agree with the Musher's Secret suggestion; I use it on my setter. Beneficial all year!
  2. Ice jigs all year for me! The jig box bounces between my winter bag and summer bag. Jigs and jars of Gulp!
  3. I'll need to check out the Plano containers. For the 'panfish' size jars I just keep them all in a big zip-lock; otherwise everything has that smell and coating. Here I thought I was the only one that did not know how to properly tighten a lid. I will confirm that leaving the foil on does help with the seal.
  4. I only used the Prairie Storm shells one time. They patterned very tight out of my gun, Federal acknowledges this too. Even with an improved cylinder it looked like I hit the bird with a full choke based on the solid hole through the bird. Clearly some knockdown power though! If I use them again I'll just need to remember to pause an extra second before shooting. For an all around shell I like Hevi-Metal #3. Good shell, and no worry about going from a WMA to a WPA. Good duck load too.
  5. Some strong opinions here. Thanks for the feedback. I was part of that 'army' two weeks ago; drunken is a pretty broad-brush statement, but all too true - not worth coming across a bad apple. I've decided to head west and look for a pheasant or two; grouse after Thanksgiving!
  6. Looking at taking out a new dog this weekend, but all the areas I'm thinking of trying are in the third weekend zone for gun (deer) season. Think I'll be okay walking trails in Mille Lacs WMA or in Rum River State Forest, or still too many guys that wouldn't appreciate me walking through?
  7. Noahsdad, is that an elk I'm looking at in your top pic?
  8. I coworker gave me an old Mora that has been used once or twice in the last 20 years. Included a spare set of blades purchased at that time too (everything Swedish of course). It's the old threaded style: handle unit threaded to auger unit, as opposed to the 'set screw' connection Can assume that that this is of better quality than a current store bought Mora.
  9. I'm in the the market for a pop-up and Eskimo is first on my list. I had been set on the Fatfish but since reading this string I'm thinking the Quickfish. The extra floor space on the Fatfish is appealing but don't want the extra headaches, be it either poles too long or a side pushing in with extra wind. So whats the vote, all things considered, would you go for a Quickfish or a Fatfish?
  10. It seems that the snow is holding off more than it has the last couple years. Does the delayed 'inevitable blanket of old man winter' benefit the birds, or in the end does it all come down to whatever happens during the coldest and snowiest periods of the season? With all the reports of young birds being seen so late in the season I'd like to hope that we may carry more of a sustainable population than anticipated several months back. If there is one silver lining this year it seems that the awareness and critical importance of winter cover, and proper management, has really been udriven home. I just hope this manifests itself into better habitat throughout the region; especially considering the fearful trend of a lot of prairie returning to the plow with the rising price yield from crops and the impending decrease of funding to CRP and similar programs. Don't worry I performed all superstitious tasks possible to prevent myself from jinxing the full force of winter into arriving too soon.
  11. I don't know of a Gander that rents them. Both brands are good. Vexilar gives you all that you need, Marcum gives you more than you expect.
  12. It sounds like an extra layer of waterproofing; from earlier post. The velcro tabs are not only plastic like last year. That kept me from buying a pair, but I did last week as the tabs are now thread reinforced and will not crack. Used them musky fishing on tuesday, thou the temps were not a true test I was impressed.
  13. I have had great luck under the 35W bridge. Everything swims there from Carp, Cats, Bass, Walleye, Pike, even Musky!
  14. sightfisher

    Foot wear

    I have worn Tevas, Chacos, and Reef sandals, but this year have worn Keen's. They are awesome. About 90-95$ and well worth it. I just bought a pair for my dad. I like them because I often 'wet wade' and they have great toe protection. Other sandals have had good support and comfort but I would end up with bloody toes. This sandal has been great in the BWCA for portaging. They sell a leather/felt version($95), but the Rubber/cordora nylon version ($90) is best for fishing.
  15. For long trips, like in the BWCA, a like a light kevlar canoe. Around the metro I use an older 1965 15' alumacraft. It is a bit heavy, but paddles fine. I have a motor mount, and put a 36# endura on it. It pushes along just fine. It is stable enough that I don't worry about losing my gear. It's perfect for small lakes around the metro. It can hold everything I need: extra rods, tackle, motor, portable finder, anchor, a little cooler, just can't move around much.
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