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  1. wildsmallie

    Popper dropper rigs for smallies

    I have tried this with some success on the Lower St Croix [where multiple lures are allowed]. I used a Chug Bug with the back hook taken off. I tied about a foot of heavy mono to the back and then tied a white streamer on the end. It seemed to work particularly well early in the summer when the young of the year shad are only an inch long and the smallies and whites are feeding selectively on them.
  2. wildsmallie

    This Egret is trying to blend in

    Good Guess, it was Captiva though
  3. wildsmallie

    This Egret is trying to blend in

    I was in Florida last week...
  4. Just poking fun at the craziness... DNR Announces Celebrity Fundraiser to Combat Invasives
  5. Found a few of these on Saturday, North Metro area. Someone thought they were blewits, any opinions?
  6. Elm oyster, that's what I meant. There's a rock elm in my yard, I must have been thinking about it while typing
  7. Took a few pictures of a similar near my house the other day. Someone on another forum suggested it was Hypsizigus ulmarius, "Rock Oyster"
  8. wildsmallie

    Fly fishing in Winter?

    Presentation is always far more important than what fly you have on...but LOCATION is the most important of all. I see a lot of guys casting in spots where there is no chance of catching anything. Spending your time making good presentations with reasonable fly patterns in good locations will equal success. But that being said,if fly pattern doesn't matter, why do I have so dang many fly boxes?
  9. wildsmallie

    Fly fishing in Winter?

    Yeah, the exact fly you are using is usually not crucial, but I can't imagine going out during the winter or spring season withou a bunch of size 14 olive scuds.
  10. wildsmallie

    Which Flasher to get

    No Brainer--get the VX1. Made right here in Minnesota!
  11. wildsmallie

    Flasher or Camera

    If you had to get one, a sonar is for what to get, but why not get both? Yeah, there's times when a camera is of no use, but when conditions are good for viewing, they greatly increase the fun factor. You do want your wife to have fun, right?
  12. wildsmallie

    odd catch in the mississippi river.

    I've caught a few in the River around Brainerd, and a friend even caught one on a rapala once