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  1. My Father-in-law found morels way up here on the Canadian border this past weekend, just getting started. I have picked wild Asparagus twice now as well. Another week and it should really start popping up here. I was wandering looking for sheds and morels and stumbled on a nest with nine mallard eggs in it. Momma scared me good launching out of that nest when I was walking nearby. I wandered off to a distance and she returned right away. Hope the skunks don't find that nest!
  2. Alright, I'll post one. It wasn't accidental and it wasn't me, but worth telling the story. My Father-in-law had a place on the Horse-shoe chain down near St. Cloud and he loved fishing carp during the summer. Not just any carp though, he knew where to find the pigs. He uses an ultra-light with 4lb test on it and a huge gob of crawlers. Got to be careful casting it so you don't break the line. Then we sit back, crack open a cold one and wait. After a while, the line slowly starts to peel off the reel click...click...click Wait a little longer click...click...click OK now Rear back on the rod and set the hook. click...click...click. The fish doesn't even know it's hooked. Just keeps swimming along gnawing on the crawlers. After a while we slowly put enough tug on the line to work it back toward the bank and it finally sees us sitting there. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peels out a pile of line and we start all over. After doing this a few times and the fish is just about as tired as the old man is, it hangs out with us near the bank. How the heck do you land 15 pounds of muscle on 4 pound test. No worries, we came prepared and start poking holes in it with .22 longs. Takes about 10 shots to finally get it to roll over and we grab it and haul it on shore. The neighbor up the hill hears the shots and comes down to join us. The guy will eat absolutely anything and wants the Carp, which is exactly what we were up to. Nothing wasted, fantastic memory. Been almost 20 years since I've been able to do that, but would love to man the pole next time myself.
  3. Different fish then. Only pics I got I took on 4-9
  4. Here's two pics I said I'd post. The first one is a 58". The one of two guys includes Brad Dokken, Outdoor columnist for the Grand Forks Herald. web page web page
  5. Wonder when he caught it. I believe I just happen to have caught a picture of a kid with a 58" Sturgeon that I just got downloaded and will run out and get it posted here shortly. I was helping the DNR tagging Sturgeon and got to handle over 100 sturgeon in two days out at 4-mile bay. If anyone is interested in some once-in-a-lifetime activity, contact Mike Larson at the Baudette DNR station as they are still looking for volunteers for the next three weekends. I'll be back with some pics.
  6. Living way up here, I can see where having to haul some stuff can be a challenge. Another idea is to just store that big stuff right up here. We have many resorts and landowners who have space to store fish-houses year round for about $100. If the house is right on the edge of the lake and all you need to do is drag out to your favorite spot, there is nothing illegal and you don't have to maintain lights, brakes, etc. Seems like a win-win and keeps the roads safer.
  7. Found this pic at morel.org web page
  8. By the way, doesn't matter if it is the black morels or the golden morels, they are all great to eat. I have found morels in the thickest spruce you could imagine. I have no idea why they'd be in such acidic soil, but there they were. My family found em while we were out looking for sheds a couple years back. Just when you think you,ve found all the spots, you have a year where they aren't growing well in your normal haunts and then you find the mother-lode in the most unexpected spots. Pike are running in the ditches up here like crazy right now. Will have the suckers in about a week. Don't normally find too many morels up here until about the 2nd week of May. Good luck to all!
  9. Merc man, can you help me with a brand name on this fogging oil? I've never heard of it and would like to check it out. Thanks!
  10. I read much of this string and would like to suggest a different perspective from my own experience. I hunt in a party of about 8-9 people. Where I hunt, last year we could take up to 5 deer apiece. Do the math. We did take 17 deer. What really got old was that we process everything ourselves. I was so tired of cutting up deer and packaging and freezer space. We swore we won't be doing that again this year, no matter how many the DNR would like to see us take. I agree huge with the person who posted the idea of getting meat to the needy. I wouldn't hesitate to take a couple deer if there was an easier way to get it processed. Heck, I'll gut and skin the deer, no problem. It's the boning and packaging that takes the biggest amount od effort. More than I'm willing to offer and the cost of paying someone else to process is just too steep for my wallet.
  11. I am hoping to take a couple of my boys over cat fishing on the Red. I am looking to go to the Drayton area and am looking for someone/anyone who knows this area and is willing to give up a little info on where to get started. There is supposed to be a dam there. Is that the one just North of town by the sugar factory? Thanks for any help at all. I am also looking for where I can pull up my camper for the night, hopefully near the bank of the river.
  12. I've had the same auger for nearly 10 years and it starts every time. I drain the gas and then choke it and run it till it dies to get the gas out of the lines. Then I pull the plug and spray WD40 into the cylinder. Pull it over a few times with the plug out lubricates the internals. then I put the plug back in and put it up in the rafters. Has never failed me yet. I do this with all my power equipment when it is out of season. (lawnmower, weed-whacker, tiller, snowblower, etc)
  13. There are ready made boards for mounting the skull onto that hold the mount out a bit from the wall. I am in the midst of mounting one of these right now. do it as a hobby business.There is a complete kit that will do three skulls that can be bought through Van Dykes Taxidermy Supply that has chemicals that help get the meat off the skull during boiling as well as all the right materials for bleaching the skull. Buying 4-5 bottles of peroxide can get expensive. The kit creates a paste that you brush onto the bone and it bleaches it in less than a day. This kit runs about $50 and has one set of the board. It is item #01007504 at vandykestaxidermy.com. There are probably other sources for this as well. You are very right, it is not a project for the squeamish.
  14. Been eating these for nearly as many years as I've been up North. The beauty of the morel is that it is so easy to spot a false one. Morels are always going to have a hollow center when you cut them off. If you ever pick a morel and the stem and cap are solid, it is not a morel. If you ever want to get excited about them, go visit some of the morel sites and look at how large some of them can get. We can find them up here (Canadian border) up to about 5" tall and maybe as big around as a beer can. Most are closer to half that size though. I have them all over my property and we get a window of a few weeks to be able to wander around picking them. Probably get about a 5 gallon bucket each spring and then we split them down the center, spread them out on a cookie sheet and freeze them. After froze, we put them in a ziplock and in the freezer. Then any time we want a handful to throw on the grill with steaks, they are easy to get just enough and don't have to thaw anything. I've also heard of folks putting them through a dehydrator.
  15. Poacher plates wouldn't work in that the (Contact US Regarding This Word) who earned the plates would just sell the vehicle and chuckle when some poor sap gets harrassed unjustly. I like the idea on the driver license better.....or better yet, a big red "P" on his forehead that won't fade for at least three years.
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