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  1. Thanks for all your input. I have 4x4 and I will make sure I have good shovel and chains with me. Plans have changed and only making it down Saturday but sounds like weather is going tro cooperate.
  2. My sons and I are thinking about coming down next weekend to try Big Spirit Feb 11th-12th but wondering how lake travel is. Are there good roads or are 4 wheeler or sleds the best option? Thanks your help is greatly appreciated.
  3. I had some similar problems with my LX-3 call Marcum their customer service is great they will take care of you.
  4. Send me an e-mail I will send you some pics of what I built for my 6800 with ski's
  5. Contact Marcum I sent mine in last year to be looked at and asked them for a longer transducer cable for the same reason. They fixed my minor problem and sent a new transducer with a longer cable at no extra charge. Great customer service. Give them a call or go to their site I know they can help you out.
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  7. You should also pay a visit to Reel Fishing and Tackle a sponser of the south central forum. They are located in Madison Lake just 10min from Mankato Great bunch of people and they can give you up to date info on which lakes in the area are producing or at least give you a good idea where to try. Welcome to the FM.
  8. Yes I purchased my hose there last year.
  9. Menard's also has them for $99
  10. Don't waste your money I tried one returned next day no substitute for a real power auger. I know money can be tight and this looks slick but it just does not work.My two cents anyway.
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