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  1. We also dropped the prices on our 05 Compres and St croix avids and premiers. Curados are under 100 bucks now too. Chronarchs are down twenty bucks.
  2. [please use the for sale board for selling items]
  3. Double Bull is coming out with a brand new one, hopefully I can have their new one for Hogs though. One day for deer, a couple for bear and 9 days for turkeys this year, only three shots through the mesh.
  4. BLB- What kind of blind do you use? When I go out I bring a 24 0z bottle of Wildlife Research Scent Killer, hose it down, and put on some cover scent. Did You not take care of you and your son's scent? Here is my report: Fun, but Depressing. Saturday night we didn't see a deer until a quarter to 6. We saw fifteen or twenty different does and fawns, two bucks, Buckzilla is the name for the one, g2's are probably 14 inches tall, they are huge. Passed on the does in range, breaking our promise to whack the first doe we saw, but with him there it was hard to want to shoot a doe. By the way, he came out like he usually does and worked the center of the field all the way down to the pond, by the time he got there it was too dark though. Lots of turkeys and pheasants, we were de-scenting after the evening and had a doe and two fawns come to about fifty yards away from the truck. Pulled out and they ran between us and the house. Sunday morning found me in stand by 5 am, buddy mike in the Matrix at the same time, they were already out in the fields, spooked one getting out to my stand. As the light was coming through the trees I seen something that wasn't right on the bow, realized my peep cut through the string, so a brand new Vapor Trail VTX was junk, oh well. Drove to Cabelas, nothing, by the way the guy there was the most unintelligent waste of time, GanderMountain in Lakeville, nothing, B and B in Fairibault nothing, drove up to Sportsman's and put on a Winner's Choice (ugh) to get me through the evening, called Jared with VT on the way back, it will be done Monday (SWEET) hauled my butt back down there, passed Rich4walleyes on the way, get down there at 2:30 to see buckzilla bedded down in the middle of the field, wind being right I snuck around the corn field to get to my stand so they wouldn't wind or see me. 75 yards out. Turkeys were all around us. Climb up and sit down, without even being looked at and this guy comes down to the fenceline, at 5:30 pm he starts to make shooting lanes. 5:45 he comes back out, 80 yards from my buddy in his blind, has a smoke, totally scents the whole field the deer sneak out between us, he goes back to the car, grabs a stand walks the half mile back out, hangs the stand, walks back to his car, puts on camo and grabs his bow at 7 pm in the evening and totally blows our evening hunt. Here is the Kicker, he was 387 yards away according to the range finder, not only was he outlined by the tree, you could see his WHITE SOCKS, TENNIS SHOES AND HIS UNDERSHIRT. Get real guy, you just blew our evening hunt and he wants to discuss what "OUR" next game plan, get bent pal. We left a little [PoorWordUsage]ed off needless to say. After having the wind switch to our favor, covering our outs with scents, and re-adjusting stands to accomodate the night before and this guy comes out and screws it up, really really depressing needless to say.
  5. So maybe I should hang out with the girlfriend the night before?
  6. It will be interesting if the wind will switch before saturday?
  7. Yes they are scraping, I have found a couple so far.
  8. Thanks for the replies guys, I am thinking I am going to set up over the beans in the morning, easier to sneak in, plus I can see the orchard from the stand, spending a few days watching from a far may help me out alot too.
  9. So what is everyone's plans for this weekend? Saturday night I will be down at Elko, have to take the docks out in the morning. Here are my options: Option 1: Hunt over a soybean field, any wind will work but one direction that may cause problems is one blowing to the northeast. Prefer wind to blow north or west. So far it's still green, and they are still using it. Option 2: Hunt over a corner of a standing cornfield, again any wind will work but one blowing south east will be the one I care for least. Most of the tracks are walking east from the cornfield, lots of tracks with a couple big ones. Option 3: Hunt the crossing between the cornfield and soybean field, to the field edge of either field is 21 yards, trails at 14, 28 yards. In a ground blind on a finger of woods sticking out. Lots of tracks, but mostly small ones Wind is not a concern. Option 4: Hunt the apple trees that has been holding the biggest buck I have seen on the property scraping them to all hell. Sitting in a duck nesting spot in the middle of the pond with a ground blind, wind is not a concern. The possibilities are there, just picking now.
  10. I have shot them out to forty at the range, I think it's unnoticeable. I wouldn't say it helps in arrow recovery, but on pass throughs its going to put you on your blood trail faster.
  11. You guys summed it up, when I went to the BWCAW last winter, I went with Glass rod Pete had mentioned to me from thorne and a 32 inch St. Croix, both tipped with a Tica Cetus and Power Pro, did the trick for me.
  12. Yeah but I don't think he dances to boyzIImen deitz
  13. These are the pictures from the Fat Boy and Dodgeball thread.
  14. Archery: Elko, Andover, Ottertail County(all three),
  15. This is only one group, we have counted over 47 before. Here you go:
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