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  1. That's the best price I've seen. The only other place I know of that still has some is Cabelas and their price is higher.
  2. I'm having a similar issue on an 80 power drive. Replaced the mother board about a year ago. Worked great until two weeks ago, then intermittently won't turn left with either the foot pedal or the remote. Last week it decided it would not turn left at all. However, with the auto pilot engaged, it will make corrections to the left. Fully charged batteries don't make any difference. Hopefully somebody has an answer.
  3. I can't seem to figure out this linking stuff. Copy and paste
  4. Menards has a unit that you can bolt to the rafters in your garage that has a platform to crank up and down. I use it to store my predator in the summer. Works great.
  5. I have a Remington brand that was about $24.00 at Menards. It's the kind with the battery pack on the back of your head. Has 2 levels of white light, spot or diffused and a blue and red light for blood tracking. It is by far the brightest I have used. Great for the fish house, tree stand or boat.
  6. Glad you had a good trip. It can be a very good panfish lake. I've never been much of a bass fisherman, so I never have targeted them on Chetac. Have caught a few largemouth and smallmouth by accident though so I know there are some. I haven't been up for a few weeks myself. Too busy working so I guess that's a good thing. Should make it up this weekend though, I hope they're still biting.
  7. The maps that I've seen for Chetac are good only for a basic reference. There is a lot of stuff that insn't shown on them that you will find if you spend much time out there. Late June you should be able to find crappies suspended in schools. I seem to have the best luck finding them in 18' of water. Bluegills will be all over in the weeds and weeds are everywhere in this lake from about 12' deep and shallower. Walleyes are a little tougher and take some patience. Try outside weed edges from 12 to 15', or you can drift the flats north of the islands. It's not Mille Lacs or Upper Red though.
  8. Yea, my wife is helping Sue out on weekends this summer. I did really well on the fishing. Found nice gills and crappies all over the place. Crappies were off the beds now but still shallow. Blue gills were definately on the beds and I found beds all over the place. They did bite much better either early or late. Our best fishing was around 5 to 6 pm or between 6 and 7 am. I did stay out most of the day a couple of days and caught fish all day but you did have to work a lot harder for them.
  9. Teresa, I'm sure I've met your folks. My cabin is on Knuteson, a small lake just east of Chetac. I'm just about to head up now. Finished work early today, so why not? If you ever want to tag along in the boat your more than welcome. It's usually just my son and I, so plenty of room. Scott knows how to get ahold of me.
  10. The fishing can still be very good in mid June. Obviously depends on the weather but I usually don't have much trouble finding crappies and gills at that time of year. Walleyes can be tough to find in Chetac and I seldom target them. Red Cedar is better for walleye fishing, but even there it can be tough to find fish that you can keep. Seems most everything is in the protected slot. Chetac is better known for nice bluegills and ok size crappies. If you move your trip up, I would still hold off till late May on a typical year.
  11. FishinChic1, I'll be at my cabin on Wed. thru the weekend. Scotty and Lug are good friends of mine. Maybe I have even met you at Woodlands. It's kind of my second home when I'm up there. Heck, I'm even from Andover. Small world.
  12. Seriously, has anyone ever seen a 200hp motor lying in the street because the transom came apart. For everyone that says you must use a transom saver that goes from the trailer to the lower unit, there is somebody else saying that style does more harm than good. If "it's called physics", I'm assuming you've done the testing and have data to back this up? Or are you just pulling this out of thin air. We all have opinions. That doesn't mean we should state them as fact and wish for new laws based solely on opinions. I personally don't know which style is better, I've used both, but have heard some pretty compelling arguments against this style. Wish the manufacturers would get together on this.
  13. I used to use the St. Croix Premier and Avid UL rods but all but one of them has snapped while either casting or setting the hook. Not extreem use either as I was crappie fishing so it doesn't take much of a hook set. Seems to be a very brittle rod. Last year I picked up one of the mid-range Gander UL rods. 5'6" as it was the longest 1 piece I could find, for some reason I don't care for the 2 piece rods. I have to say that I'm really liking this rod. It's a little whippy but is still sensitive enough and is fun to catch gills and crappies with. The longer rods are great for long casts and getting in to hard to reach areas, but my experience has been that they take away a lot of the fun of fighting the fish. Maybe I wasn't using the right longer rod, but I think that I'll stay with the 5'0" and 5'6" rods.
  14. My opinion would be to pass on it. I have one and they are difficult to view in daylight. Also, if something goes wrong with it, Marcum will not service it. "Sorry but we no longer support that platform". They may offer you a discount on a new 820 if you send the 560 in, but it is kind of insulting how small the discount is.
  15. Traveler, I'm a couple of years younger than you and my wife and I have been cabin owners for about 10 years. We absolutely love the place and go every chance we get. We used to camp a lot and do occassionaly miss going to new areas but there is also something to be said for becoming familiar with one place. The cons others have listed are certainly true. Upkeep on two places is difficult when splitting time between the two. Maintenance is work no matter which place you are doing it. I go to the cabin to hunt/fish/relax, not work. But it is required. To me, the positives far out weigh the negatives. We actually don't have the opportunity to go as a family as much as we'd like with all of the kids activities, work, etc. But, my 12y.o. old son and I spend a lot of time there doing what boys do. With the wifes blessing. I actually have more friends there than I do here at home. Moneys tight in this economy and I sometimes wonder if it's worth the expense. To us it is. I would rather lose my house than the cabin. Thankfully, neither is going to happen. I'd say go for it and have fun. Good luck.
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