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  1. Quote: Ill have to try that I've never trout fished after dark You might want to check the regs befor eyou do this. I may be wrong but I think you can only fish trout from an hour before sunrise to an hour after!!??
  2. Quote: I'm feeling about an early April ice out for the metro area lakes No way!!! There is 30" of ice. Mid to late April before we get open water on metro lakes. There is plenty of open water on the river right now though. We had ice on Prior until the middle of April last year and we didn't have much ice at all last season. It's a long way off for those of you who don't fish the river.
  3. NASCAR BLOWS NOW!!!! The new cars are horrible. I was diehard NASCAR fan until they brought those stupid cars into the mix. Those cars belong on road tracks running in the Rolex series. Whatever happen to STOCK CAR racing. If you take the emblem off the hoods the new cars are all identical, inside and out. STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!!!!!!!
  4. Quote:Remington VTR all the way dude. Still can't believe the knockdown power of this rifle.
  5. Quote: If you were submerged in a barrel of vomit up to your neck and somebody was throwing baseballs at your head, would you duck? Somehow I knew i should not have been drinking when I opened this post. I just got snotty milk all over my keboard Dam that hurts!! LOL oh and as long as real men keep wearing pink, I'm all for the bunny suit. Pink was the hot color this morning for gills too
  6. I bet a guy could get into them in the 2 backwater lakes off of hwy 41 in chaska. They are north of the 41/169intersection about a mile on the left. I fish them in the summer and they are absolutely loaded with carp. May have to take a drive back there soon and check it out
  7. Way too much to think about But every penny is more than worth it.
  8. 17"-19" = big smallies 20"+ = trophy smallies
  9. I've been out on Prior everyday since last Thursday. I am finding anywhere from 5-8" on the north end by sand point and the same on the south side of the lake. There is still slush in some spots so be careful out there. Sunnies and crappies are going good in front of the sportsman's access, and we have been getting into the walleye's in the evenings. I'm not fishing over in that area though, too crowded for me. Haven't heard if they are getting any eye's around the sportsman'a access or sand point area.
  10. I just talked to a guy who lives up there and he said the Smallies have moved in and are on beds. Unfortunately my sister's graduation party is this weekend, so I won't be able to get up there. Next weekend though I am planning to leave Friday @ 430 am. I will post how I do. It's been a very long year since I have been up to the "Bay". I lived in Duluth for 4 years and was over every weekend all summer and fall. Now I'm back in the cities and I hate it. I went from an hour long ride to a 3-4 hour ride to get there. Ahhhhhhhh!!! Anyway, Good Luck to all who get out this weekend.
  11. Dan-I personally would go with the Abu's. I have used them all my life and I am yet to find better quality for the price.I still use reals I got when I was just a little guy beggin' people to let me fish off thier docks on my home lake.Abu has a few low profile reels that are great. Hoffer- Go with what the other guys are saying, a longer rod with a low profile reel will get you out there. One of my tricks to minimal backlashes is to stand in the back yard before the season and cast a dummy weight, it just gets you used to casting after sitting over a hole for the past few months.i've been known to cast into the neighbors yard for hours onend just to minimize backlashes, and i still get one or two every time i'm out. Good Luck hope all this info from everyone helps.
  12. Check out St. Croix's preimer series they are a great rod and you can't beat the quality and price of these rods. I build alot of my own rods using thier blanks and component parts. They have alot of package deals, you get everything you need to build the rod. It is very satisfying to use something you made yourself. If this is out of your price range I would go with the Shimano's, they are a great rod also. You can find the St.Croix stuff on thier web page. Good luck and Good fishing.
  13. Those are all my fav commercials. i hope open water is here soon cuz i'm going nuts just thinkin' about it. thank god we have all those fishin' shows to watch.
  14. I'll give a vote to vermillion, great lake for anything i think. Been fishing it for 20+ yrs now. I unfortunately have to move to the cities, got a job offer can't refuse, so i will miss her. A few other lakes for great eye action are Island and Fish lakes which are closer to Duluth. Island has one campground on the east basin, can't think of the name though. Fish lake has alot of islands that are open to camping with no fee, these are on a first come first serve basis. Weekends are always busy so get there early. Have fun and good fishing.
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