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  1. This topic turned from talking about unethical hunters shooting more deer than they need to a QDMA topic. So let me ask you this. What is QDMA? I think the perception of QDMA to lots of people is passing on every buck under 130". In my opinion that's not what QDMA is. We practice QDMA in our hunting party. To us Quality Deer Management is more about planting food plots. It's more about improving cover on our property for the deer herd. It's more about lowering the coyote population. We had a very nice doe this year with triplets. They were still pretty small for fall. We decided not to fill our doe tag with that particle deer because we want the young to have the best chance of staying healthy through the winter. Shed Hunting, mineral sites, and putting out trail cameras. We were brought up with the brown its down way of hunting. Now were are bringing our children up with a different philosophy. If 4 deer fits our needs we will only shoot 4 deer even if we have 13 tags. I think all these practices in the certain situations might lead to letting the 130" buck walk, but its very rare and I'll be the first to say our hunting party is no way letting a 130" buck walk! In my opinion there are probably lots of "Non-QDMA" hunters that are practicing qdma. So what does QDMA mean to you?
  2. I have no problem with a hunting party taking 20 deer if they all need or want the meat. I do have a problem with 20 hunters taking 20 deer with only 5 of the hunters wanting a deer. To me there is no difference between that and 20 Ice fishermen catching and keeping thier limit of walleys to only clean a couple and feed the rest to the cats
  3. Our hunting party practices letting the younger deer walk, but I also feel if you have a license your are entitled to shoot any legal deer that walks by. So this isn't a case of our hunting party being upset about our neighbors not practicing qdma. The thought of them shooting every deer that walks by with their only goal being killing everything and not wanting any of the meat really doesn't sit well. I know the donation program helps many people that are in need, but I'm just having a hard time agreeing with it. Shoot what you want or need and if you don't want the meat then go to the shooting range and shoot your gun there!
  4. Our hunting party has been trying to practice QDMA the last 3 years. It had been working out great. We have been putting at least one trophy on the wall and with shooting a couple does we have plenty of meat. Last year really helped with so much corn in the field left. We had lots of very nice deer this year. We ended up getting 2 nice ones. Three of the neighbors also shot trophy deer. We went and checked out one of the neighbors deer seeing we had it on trail camera all year. We found out this hunting party shot 13 deer first weekend, with one nice buck, a couple doe, the rest were all the young small bucks we've been passing up. You could say it was a little disappointing. The neighbor even thanked us for passing up the little ones. Now don't get me wrong they have every right to shoot whatever deer they want to. The thing that really hit a nerve with my hunting party is this guy is complaining how they have 13 deer and nobody in their hunting party wants any. He didn't know what in the heck they were going to do with all the meat. And to make matters even worse they were hunting 2nd weekend to try and fill the 2 empty tags they still had. ??????????
  5. Just wondering if anybody has set up a hunting group and has some ideas. I'm trying to talk my 3 brothers, dad, and uncle into this. It's nearly imposible for the average hunter to be able to have a place of their own. That's the main reason I'm looking into setting something like this up. Any advice would be great.
  6. I'm shooting feathers now and they shoot great for me!! I don't plan on changing anytime soon!! I talked to my buddy and it sounds like he want to switch to feathers. I just want to make sure I didn't talk him into something he'll regret!!
  7. I'm a little undecided with my WB. It makes a little more noise than say a drop away, but it's pretty reliable!! I shoot a lot of 3D shoots that's why I'm thinking of switching to a drop away!!
  8. I shoot with a WB and I use feathers!! I've never had a problem!! I've shot some of my arrows 100+ times and they still shoot great!! Some of my feathers are slightly damaged, but they still shoot!! That's my biggest concern!! Feathers will shoot yet when slightly damaged. I've never shot vanes but my buddy said as soon as one of this vanes gets any type of damage he can't shoot it! He shoots a drop-away rest with vanes and I shoot feathers with a WB. He has problems and I don't!! Weird???
  9. I've had a SSE and well as some of my other family members for several years. A few tips. I've never ran into a SSE that shoots slugs effectively. Slug barrels are expensive, but almost a must to use your gun for slugs. Another important tip. Don't over lubricate your gun!! There is a small hole on the bottom side of your gun. Under the action. About 2 drops of oil in that hole and about 1 or 2 drops of oil inside the action in the rail. If you over oil your gun dirt and dust stick to it!! You'll have problems!! Just my 2 cents
  10. I use feathers. I have a buddy that uses vanes. He said he's got a bunch of arrows he needs refletched because his vanes are messed up!! I've never had any problems with feathers!! What do you all prefer and why?
  11. Hey guys. I agree with you all 100%!!! I didn't think I'd ever get sick and tired of hunting shows, but come on!! I can't stand Cindy Garrison!! Hot but I can't stand her!! I've been talking to a bunch of my buddies and we are thinking of taping some of our outings!! Not that we harvest the biggest or most animals. I would rather watch my old hunts 5 years from now than what's on TV. Has anyone else thought of this!! We've had some pretty awesome moments that I would love to have on tape!! From guys falling out of duck boats to guys unloading thier guns without pulling the trigger!! How classic would it be to have a guy get buck fever. Have the shakes, shot in the air, or what ever it might be on tape!! Them are the things worth watching!! Cory
  12. I don't hunt for the meat!! yeah I love venison, but that's not why I hunt. I enjoy watching a doe and two fawns play under my stand as much as shooting a doe. Where I hunt the deer numbers are very low!! I would rather leave the does and fawns!! I've passed up two 6 point bucks that I could have spit on this year. Why shoot them? I bow hunt for the challenge of out smarting a mature buck!! It's a challenge! I love it! So yeah I'll admit I'm a trophy chaser! Just like ice fishing. I'll keep very few fish. Anything from 2-10lbs get put back.
  13. Rost WOW!!!! I think I might just start deer hunting in SD!! That's what I'm talking about. The chance for a quality buck every once in a while. I don't expect to have a chance every year, but every 2 to 3 years would be great!! I bow hunt. I'm all by myself. If I was hunting for the putting food on the table part of it. I would be better of buying 1/2 of a beef. I love the challenge of trying to out wit a mature buck with a nice rack!! It's a little hard sometimes when they are so hard to find!! I'm starting to like the idea of a lottery!! Cal
  14. I love all the feedback!! I'm not sure which plan would work better. I hunt in Western Minnesota. This year we had a lottery for does. After a couple of years with bonus tags available the deer heard took huge decline. Many hunting parties were luck to fill 1/2 of thier tags!! I guess I was thinking with an antler point restriction no one would shoot a small buck. It's pretty tough telling the number of points slug hunting. No scopes and if they come running out on a deer drive it's usually 90mph!! Some of the older people in our hunting party shoot anything with horns. Some of us younger hunters are starting to leave the smaller bucks!! I would love to see something done!!
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