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  1. I was vacationing on Lake Vermillion last week and saw the new Alumacraft boats being photographed for the catalog (I'm Assuming). WOW the new colors and Logo are awesome!!!! Maybe time to upgrade but not sure when they normally launch them for 2015... Maybe the fall like the auto industry?
  2. You can win a free t-shirt on Alumacraft's Facebook page if you guess right...
  3. For those interested, I found this on another site. 105FM "The ticket" will be broadcasting form the Alumacraft booth Saturday from noon til 3pm These people will be on hand to say "HI" or ask question etc. HSO Angling – Aaron Wiebe: Wednesday / Thursday / Friday Shelikestofish.com – Ashley Rae – Friday / Saturday The Sportsman’s Journal – Butch Furtman – Thursday – Saturday Babe Winkleman’s Good Fishing – Babe Winkelman – Friday – Saturday Jon Thelen - Professional Angler / TV host / writer Tackle Terry Tuma – Terry Tuma - Hall of Fame angler - Outdoor writer / educator Eric Haataja – Bigfish 365 - TV host / guide / - Saturday – Sunday Bennie Spies - Gun it with Benny Spies Friday and Saturday
  4. Just as a side note, not looking to bash anyone, just wanting to know the favorites...
  5. I'm wondering in the TV world who is the most popular show out there? 1.In-Fisherman 2.Linders 3.Winkelman 4.Butch Furtman 5.Bill Dance Is there someone with a "YOUTUBE" channel you watch instead? any of these guys affect what you buy?
  6. The Tournament boat will be unveiled at the Chicago Boat Show next week, yes it WILL be at the Mpls. Boat Show
  7. It's not the size, she probably got wacked in the side of the head by the wing of the first cripple "Would you pick another one up?" Force fetching is a good way to go (See other thread). Less expensive "expirement" would be buying a Dokken Goose Dummy, get the pup used to a large heavier object in his/her mouth. Thorw that a few times and see what happens.
  8. I'll second that, they will drink WAY more water than they need. Limit the water intake.
  9. Several things can cause this issue. "Maybe" the new "enviroment" has gotten her overly excited or worried being away from the litter and upset her stomach. "Maybe" the breeder gave her a different food than you are feeding now. "Maybe" it's possible the kids are feeding her scarps from the table? "Maybe" the treats given to her are more or not the same as she is used to? Usually it will clear up quickly, see the vet if it has'nt in a few days. Just my two cents.
  10. Schaffer's in Burnsville has sold over 100 Switchback's already this season.
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