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  1. guy100... if you go to the MN DNR home HSOforum and click on "publications" towards the bottom. Then look for #159, I believe it may be listed under 'special reports'. Its some research that was done comparing basically three ponds. One was stocked with walleye fry, one with advanced walleyes, and one was not stocked at all. They then looked at and determined the walleyes effect on invertebrates levels, fathead populations, and water turbidity. They did 'gut checks' and all sorts of tests on the walleyes to see what they were eating. Its a good report, and really sheds some light on walleyes and their influence on fatheads as well as invertebrates and water clarity. I think you will be surprised as to what you will find out. The DNR does their job, its unfortunate they get ridiculed as much as they do. We as citizens need to assist them and offer suggestions, not demean and ridicule their every move. Thats my opinion, and its not in response to anything I have read on this forum, so please no one take offense. Its just my view.
  2. "Rock Bass pushing 3 pounds a time or two"... that would be a state record. Although Rock Bass seem like monsters, there weight isn't represented as well on the scale as it is on the end of the line. And although you claimed little excitement at the time, you may be excited to have your name in the record books, even if its for catching a goggle eye. "I've been on some really good Rock Bass bites over the years"... no kidding, every day on the water is a good rock bass bite. They are everywhere, and they will eat anything. I don't eat them, and my signature is posted to elicit a laugh. And yes, "southerners" (Iowegians) love them. (nothing against people from Iowa)
  3. Gonna go with: 1)Twins - best pitching (starters, bullpen) and depth (bench, farm system) of any team 2)DETROIT - good young starters, Percival will win the close ones 3)Cleveland - always score runs, pitching is always a question 4)White Sox - Pierzinski will add some fire, but they are they same old lowly sox 5)Mike Sweeney - even one of the best hitters in baseball can't save the Royals Gotta love the Twins, but its gonna be a tight division this year. Twins are gonna have an infield that is very green, and although they have proven strong in the spring, the season is 6 months, and things can happen. We are only a week away from the best game on the earth.
  4. I've fished private lakes where northerns, bass, and walleyes were never introduced, and those lakes have consistantly produced crappies above 15", and the occasional foot long gill has surfaced as well. However in this state, any public lake with that potential will undoubtedly be fished out and completely destroyed. Its sad but true, and until we can educate both locals and tourists on the ways to improve upon and sustain fisheries, I doubt many lakes, if any, could "exist" where slab crappies and bull gills are gigantic and frequent. To be honest I haven't even seen a nintendo/game cube/playstation game where you can boat monsters like that!
  5. I started shooting a patternmaster last season, and I won't go back to standard chokes after seeing this choke perform. Honkers, diving ducks, and snows are my main quarry, and this choke does wonders. Very few crippled birds, very few stray pellets, much better at longer ranges. The shot string produced by the patternmaster is second to none, when birds get hit, they get hit hard. It also does wonders on finishing off your buddies crippled birds on the water. Like any other choke, its advisable to see what shot sizes and brands work best. Any shot size 2 or larger is very consistent through the patternmaster. My decision to buy came two years ago when I was hitting late season honkers with the brunt of a benelli's modified choke, and it wasn't getting the job done, so I bought the patternmaster. They are loud, they will take time to feel comfortable with, and prepare to be humbled in the blind your first few trips. All in all I feel my $74 was well spent.
  6. A diver hunter's list: #1 for me is decoy color. They must have a good amount of black on them for aerial visibility. I know personally that when I see birds on the water, its because of the black, pilots tell me the same thing. White is by far the next most important color, again to add visibility from long distances. Secondly the decoys must ride the water like a duck, not a decoy. Doesn't matter how much $ you are willing to spend on big name decoys, if they don't ride they are worthless in my book. Thirdly, they have to be able to self right themselves when tossed. This usually means weighted keels, but you can sand water keels to get the same effect. There is nothing worse than having to try to flip one decoy in the middle of a 120 decoy J-hook. Last but not least they obviously have to look like a duck. This again doesn't mean you have to spend big $, carrylite and other "cheaper" brands make some very realistic looking decoys. I tend to use "lifesize" sized decoys. I have never gotten hung up on materials. My top four ducks would be Scaup, Ringnecks, Canvasbacks, and Redheads.
  7. Move around and you will noticeably improve your odds against these crappies (usually). Especially in the warmer weather that is typical of late ice, its a very enjoyable time to be fishing. Like Matt said, make sure those big slab females are being released. Take a picture and slide them back down the hole. Before we know it we will be casting slip bobbers for the paper mouths.
  8. That is an absolutely horrible tragedy. Very sorry for the family and community. That instance should almost completely discourage attempts that some snow goose hunters have towards allowing rifles to be used in the spring conservation season. That is exactly what could and would happen. I have sat amongst decoy spreads over the years and am always extremely nervous when any vehicle stops on a nearby roadway to check us out. I immediately stand up or make movement to acknowledge the fact that these birds are decoys. You never can be too careful.
  9. I wouldn't bet the farm on that notion. Each lake is different; water depths, bottom topography, access to sunlight, all make a difference. If there isn't structure on that side of the lake, I would doubt many crappies will be spawning there.
  10. Absolutely hilarious to watch him pile into the net, and then the boards. He hit the boards so hard the doors opened. To top it off he acted like he was alright after it happened. Are you kidding me? That had to have hurt. Nothing like having a guy on your team who you know could snap at any moment. They are the best to have on your side, especially during a brawl. I hope he gets some help, I honestly do. He will be harassed constantly by the media, hopefully he comes out of this mess alright.
  11. I've heard that the "warty" appearance you describe is what snow goose hunters refer to as "rust". Apparently they gain this rust by feeding in the salt water while staging in Mexico, LA, AB, MS, etc... I was in Nebraska for my spring break and almost EVERY Ross we shot had this "rust." Many of the snows and a couple of the blues had the same thing. No scientific description, just what I have heard from numerous die hard white bird hunters.
  12. Get the word out boys. We need all the people we can get. Make sure you are there for the start of the speakers (1pm), you will get to hear my two cents. I'll be the 21 year old male who follows the catholic priest. If you knew me, you would realize how ironic that is. The HSOforum http://wetlandsrally.org (FM is a sponsor) is pretty up to date with what is going to happen. This is my first time ever on this HSOforum, registered an hour ago, already posted a dozen times, this is great. Dan Carroll
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