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  1. MJBo

    Ethical Question, what do you guys think?

    Sorry Chris. My bad.
  2. MJBo

    Ethical Question, what do you guys think?

    Does it. Does it show you more than the fact that I have never kept a fish that was not mortally hooked in my life? Does it show you more than the fact that I have never targeted an out of season fish in my life? What precisely does it show you that I would be willing to disobey a senseless law to catch a fish that could not possibly be involved in the spawn only to return it to the water within seconds harming no one and nothing? I guess you’ve got me all figured out.
  3. MJBo

    Ethical Question, what do you guys think?

    Good point. If I wasn't geared for it properly I would never knowingly let a muskie get my bait.
  4. MJBo

    Ethical Question, what do you guys think?

    Actually I think the question is a would you rather have a 1 in a million chance at a fine from a warden + a PB muskie + a ~guilty conscience or nothing. If it was a PB muskie I'd be f8ing my guilty arse off. Anything but a pb and I'd rip the lure out of the water.
  5. MJBo

    Ethical Question, what do you guys think?

    Everyone above absolutely correct. Definitely not ethical. The question is what do you do if the following fish is clearly a PB...... Hmmmmmmm......
  6. MJBo

    Catching Muskies While Pike Fishing?

    Start slow and cheap with the baits. You could do alot worse than just getting 1 top-raider, 1 giant jackpot, 1 M&G spinnerbait and 1 9inch Jake. Fish for a coupla months or a year with those until you start to put the pieces together otherwise you WILL spend many hundreds of dollars on wasted baits. Good luck and enjoy.
  7. MJBo

    Catching Muskies While Pike Fishing?

    I think its fine. Don't let anyone tell you which baits or tactics to use to catch pike during their open season and don't be intimidated out of fishing where you want to fish. If you are being honest with yourself (i.e. not fishing in a lake with a [PoorWordUsage] population of stunted pike but with a nice population of muskies)the heck with the people who question your motives. That being said it is part of being honest with yourself to use lures you honestly believe are most effectively targeting the pike in the lake.
  8. MJBo

    Shimano Calcutta 400 reel

    I have a 400B and am happy with it. Has performed (much) better than the other reels I have used (maina series, abu 6600 C3 and C4). I could recommend it comfortably. Can't speak to the Luna though I've heard more good than bad and I just bought the curado which has been getting pretty close to rave reviews as far as I can tell. Mostly use it for smaller bucks and jerk-baits (because it tends to cast smaller baits better than my other rigs) by the way.
  9. MJBo

    Need Another Reel

    Strongly recommend against a C4. Aside from the the breakdown problems one problem I've had with mine which led me to return it prior to a breakdown is that when the fighting drag is snugged down it affects your ability to cast (especially light lures such as bucktails you wanna burn which is likely why you want the darn thing). Don't know what the reason behind this is but imho makes the reel useless for musky fishing.
  10. MJBo


    Thats what I thought. Thank you sir.
  11. MJBo


    Howdy. When can I start fishing the Croix for Muskies as a MN resident. Thanks for the help.
  12. MJBo

    Versatile set-up

    I like the Pete Maina combo from bass pro shops just as much as my calcutta 400B/Shimano Compre setup. In fact I like it more. Under 200$.
  13. MJBo

    Ice report.

    Whats the status in the cities. Anyone know?
  14. MJBo

    any luck

    How could there not be significant ice this weekend? Do you think we'll be able to get out? I'm concerned.
  15. Its gonna be too cold to cast over the next week and I was wondering if someone could throw me a bone here. I've tried late fall trolling of jakes and believers and such from 15 to 30 ft in the metro lakes i.e. tonka wbl forest with no success at all. Does this pattern really work in the metro with no schools of white fish or is this a pattern for elsewhere. Ihave no confidence in this technique locllay and am looking for some reassurance/pointers. Thanks.