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  1. EatSleepFish

    Shed Hunting

    Up to 8 for the year, and I'll tell you it's been a long time (Mid Feb.) since I found my 7th. I've put on my fair share of miles through some spectacular deer country before I scored another. This one was a heavy left side of a fresh 8 but unfortunately the rodents had gotten to it before I. The chewings aren't too bad though and I'll be sure to post a few when I get the chance. Hopefully I can get out to a few more spots before she starts greening up, but with the fishing seasons fast approaching I'm not so sure!
  2. EatSleepFish


    yeah was shed hunting with the dogs last weekend and I believe that will be their last time in the woods until the pop. of them little buggers go down. The dogs have frontline but it's still no good when the deer ticks jump off them only to jump onto us!
  3. EatSleepFish

    snow deer

    My email said it was from Tower...
  4. EatSleepFish

    Shed Hunting

    Jumbo-with the predicted foot and a half of snow we're expecting up here, I don't think we'll be getting to the woods for a while!
  5. EatSleepFish

    Shed Hunting

    I'm not sure about everyone else but I only walk public-land, and even though I think it would be interesting to find 25-50 sheds a day walking a 200 acre deer farm, it still wouldn't be as rewarding as walking up to a patch of public land you've never walked before and pick up a shed or two. But that's just me, what's everyone elses take? Oh yeah found a small spike shed the other day which puts me at 8 for the year!
  6. EatSleepFish

    Shed Hunting

    Went looking for about 3 hours today and ended up empty handed, plenty of winter-kills out in the woods also.
  7. I have found 7, two of which were 3 point, 3 were 4 point, and the latest find was a matching set from a decent 9 point. If you haven't already checked out the Hunting forum, theres a whole forum with plenty of pics of sheds from this year!
  8. EatSleepFish

    Shed Hunting

    Wow, tell your bro nice find!!! That tine is awesome! Went out for 4 hours today, looked in some good areas that I had previously had luck earlier in the year and came up empty handed. Good trails and bedding areas but I don't think the bucks are using these areas as much. Hopefully this snow will melt soon and we can start finding those sheds that were dropped before the snowfall.
  9. EatSleepFish

    Shed Hunting

    Here is my collection of sheds that I've acquired through three years of searching. My first year I only found 1 set(The small matching set below). My second year I found the massive 6-point side, and this year I've found 7 total including the matching 9-point set pictured below. Some antlers are not pictured. Enjoy! Hopefully more to come after some of this snow melts. I was hitting the woods pretty hard before it rained up here and froze everything the other day.
  10. EatSleepFish

    Shed Hunting

    Jumbo-Whereabouts in Carlton have you been looking? You don't need to tell me specifics, just wondering since carlton is where I do all of my shed hunting too.
  11. EatSleepFish

    Shed Hunting

    Found a smaller 3 point side last sunday, and was out for a couple hours before the game tonight and saw a 12 and a 6 point with both sides still on. Didn't find anything tonight though
  12. EatSleepFish

    Shed Hunting

    Found a 4 point shed last night. Only had an hour to look, so it was pretty awesome. It's good to get the first one of the year out of the way! It was covered over with snow, so this one was dropped pretty early!
  13. EatSleepFish

    Which flip over is best for 2-3 people?

    Eskimo Grand Caravan has really been a good portable for me over the past two years. Very durable and comfortable. But as with all larger sized flip-over style portable's, they're very heavy and you need an ATV or snowmobile to haul them out. The Grand Caravan is a perfect size for hauling in the back of a crew cab truck.
  14. EatSleepFish

    Shed Hunting

    May the force be with you shedhunter! Ha, I like the lightsaber in the side of your last pic. Nice sheds also.
  15. EatSleepFish

    Ice Fishing for Rainbow and Brook Trout

    What kind of bottom content do you look for?