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  1. Land prices are at an all time high, pretty easy to figure out. Call the local county office and ask for recent sales, they will send it out to you in excel format. It will list acres and if like Norman County there will be a tab named hunting or wooded land. That will give you a good idea on what the actual sale price is and not just the asking price. Remember that price differs for different areas. In the valley anything thing with agricultural producing land will cost more. The only benifit of that is the income that comes from renting the land. You don't have to go very far east to find cheaper land, not extremely cheaper but $700-$800 per acre. But then you run into the access troubles and lack of forage for the deer (I'm assuming thats what the land is for). But even in the rocky and sandy soil a food plot will still grow well. I still think that land prices will stabalize and come down. When? Well if I knew that I would be buying and selling land. For the short term future (2011 and first half of 2012) Land prices should either hold or rise some due to commodity prices. After that is a guessing game in my opinion. My last word of wisdom (or lack thereof) would be if you do purchase land now do your homework. Look at the health of the animals, what the land you purchase has to offer for area wildlife and you as a hunter. Be very picky and don't settle for less. This is a major investment that if land values come down you could be "underwater" on in less than 2 years. Andrew
  2. Hello, Anyone have any idea where I can find Remington Actions. I am having a custom build .308 and need an action. Is there any place that sells actions? I'm new to custom guns so just seeing what I can find.
  3. Great family activities during the day also at this event. Hope you see you there.
  4. 2nd Annual Halstad Lion's Club Catfishing Tournament!! Saturday, August 29th, 2009 Halstad Boat Landing 7:00 AM - 2:00 PM Start time: 7:00 AM Weigh-in Time: 2:00 PM Prizes awareded at 2:30 PM at the Halstad Boat Landing Must register at the Halstad Landing before you start fishing $10.00 Entry Fee CATFISH ONLY - Possession limit is 5 (1 over 24") Fish need to be alive Entrants are responsible for fish after weigh-in Fishing License Required All MN DNR Rules for fishing & boating apply PRIZES 1st Place Total Weight - 30% payback & plaque 2nd Place Total Weight - 15% payback & plaque 3rd Place Total Weight - 5% payback & plaque Largest Fish - Plaque You can request registration on here and I can send them out your you can register the day of the tournement at the Halstad Boat Landing. Any questions can be asked on here or by calling Andrew @ (218) 456-2187 or at night (701) 238-0924. Thanks
  5. Ok what about trolling for suspended walleyes over 60-70 ft of water when the walleyes are 25-35 down?
  6. Question time. I fish a lake that I believe has a decent open water bite. I've caught walleyes trolling lead core and cranks in open water out there before. I would like to try some other tactics like trolling crawler harnesses and spinners through for one example. What is the best way to learn about this and snap weights? Is there a book or a DVD that anyone would recommend? Any other good ideas are also appreciated..(I'll try most anything) Thanks
  7. 1...... Sorry went to Ulen-Hitterdal forgot how to count.... 2690
  8. Matters if you are getting a case trimmer, but for now, watch for streching and for cracks in the neck, those are what we look for when reloading, but BE CAREFULL, its addicting, BAD.... Have fun experimenting. For my .223 and my buddies .22 250 we found 40 gr VMax bullets, but we are now going to experiment with some different powders and i might set up a little experiment to see powder burning speeds. Could be an interesting summer.
  9. Thanks for the info
  10. It the thrill of being out there, its not any different than those that dangle a hook down there and keep the fish. People that spear dont spear every fish that comes by. Its selective harvest. I no longer spear though for the reason that you speak of. It was fun but im more of a catch and release person. I speared a 14 lb pike last winter and got it up and was really excited. Took some pictures and then i was like i wish this fish was down there for someone else to enjoy. Even though it tasted great. That is all my opinion. Its difficult to go out and spear a limit everytime you go out especially if you are doing what a lot of spear fisherman do which is selective harvest. Last year when i was out i speared 3 northers all season and was out there every weekend. I speared that big one and two more smaller notherns for pickling. Its nothing different than when people go out to fish and take 3 northerns, 20 sunfish, 5 perch, and 3 walleyes and go out the next day and do the same thing, aren't they out for meat? Im not mad and this is a debate that spear fisherman have to face all the time by people who dont understand and don't participate in the sport.
  11. Hmm i can get those. Well my next 2 weekends are full but after that im gonna give it a try.
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