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  1. I just checked with my Audubon Phone app and it looks like you've got a couple of sharp shins but it's hard to say for certain without seeing just how large that adult is...it could be a Coopers too
  2. I'll check for immatures and I'll be keeping my camera at the ready!
  3. I had three of them on my deck yesterday afternoon. It's been a good long time since I saw a bird that I'd never seen before...it was kind of exciting! Has anybody else ever run across these birds in Minnesota? Sorry about not having a picture. I was too busy taking mental notes of their features....then they flew away.
  4. I actually landed a loon a few years ago in an Ely area lake. It was an immature bird that must have gotten too close to my sucker minnow that I was fishing under a bobber. He was all wrapped up in the line so I hand-over-handed him in and freed him. I had to hold his beak because he kept trying to stab me. His parents were close by watching the whole thing screaming at me while my 7 year old was in tears. It wasn't a fun experiance; my little boy was so distraught we ended up heading off the lake. Then there was the loon in the Hackensack area that wouldn't leave us alone...he had a crappie jig stuck in his beak.
  5. I completely and wholeheartedly disagree with your statement. He does things most infielders wouldn't even attempt. From a pure defensive standpoint he's top five easy. Hitting...well that's a different story but I've certainly seen worse in the majors.
  6. The schools that really bug me are the private schools that play at the single A level like St.Thomas Academy.
  7. Not to boast or anything but I'm heading to Fort Myers on Friday March 14th for a little spring training action and a few jaunts out in the Everglades. I'm getting pretty pumped-up for the trip given all this winter has dished out. We're also going to a Red Sox game down there. I can't wait to see David-O again; he was my favorite Twin when he was actually in the line-up back in the day. Who remebers him hitting a home run in KC with a wrist broken on the previous at bat? I've got to admit though, given his track record leading up to his departure I could see why the Twins wouldn't give him the money; just too many injuries.
  8. Hey Going Fishin, are you going to post those digital shots or are you just going to email them to those whom are interested?
  9. Yeah baby!! I like that punishment way more than the one I came up with!! I don't believe this is happening more and more, I think it's been happening forever and people are getting fed up with it and finally calling the authorities. We all know the uncle or cousin who has "limited out four days in a row". These types find a hot bite and bleed it until it's all bled out. That's why I'm reluctant to give any info to anyone. You tell a buddy about a bite and he brings a co-worker who brings his brothers the the next seven days in a row who 'ain't never seen a bite dis good'. They end up filling their freezers for the family reunion so they can feel like the Lindner boys. It's sad but we need to be tight lipped about the hot spots and outspoken when you hear folks talk about how they've been pilaging our resources; even if they're our uncles, cousins, friends, even our dads! As the Netman, I usually get real bad with the net when I sense trouble.
  10. As a man who has swum (swam?) in the metro lakes, I think this fella has done us a great service. Those darn sunnies bite!! And it Hurts!! They often will work a mole until they draw blood!! just think if these lakes were full of ten inch 'gills; we couldn't go into the water at all!! But rules are rules I guess, so I say let's put him in...oh I don't know...how about Lake Owasso. Let's make sure he's in his birthday suit and let's not let him out until he's either crying for mercy or half eaten.
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