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  1. i would advise against the attic unit. i bought a house with that type of system and ended up taking it out--- condensation built up in the ductwork which created for a huge air quality issue. maybe the contractor installing it didn't insulate things very well- but it definetely became unhealthy. the split units aren't cheap-- but that might be the best way to go.
  2. is there much to maintaining, do you need to fix, replace parts, is this a remote unit- how are they powered? sorry for all the questions- but i've always used the handheld throwers but would be very interested. let me know-thanks.
  3. Bigcat1

    live birds

    Anyone know where i can buy some chukkars or pheasants this fall for working the dog? anywhere between perham-fargo? the guy who would sell me some last year lost a bunch of his this summer to skunks or something.
  4. go 4-stroke or an E-Tec. with gas as high priced- the 4strokes have much better fuel economy. plus 4 strokes are much quieter
  5. thanks for the valuable input guys. I think a good plan will be to try the hide idea, work the check cord, and use the e-collar as a last resort. It gives me some direction- it takes time-but the dog has a great nose, the kids love him- so I just need to remember we are running the marathon not the sprint. Thanks again everyone. Good luck hunting this coming weekend if you get out.
  6. Took the dog out yesterday on his 2nd hunt- very pleased with his nose, retrieving, and working in range. Flushed two birds that I couldn't shoot at and the dog of course took off on a dead run to get them on his own. Any tips or strategies to keep him from doing this? Thanks for any suggestions.
  7. No doubt we do have a lot of Public Land to hunt in Mn- most of what I have hunted doesn't nessicarily hold a lot of ducks or pheasants. The stuff in sw mn does have some crop planted, not sure how that works with the farmer- but that greatly improved the habitat and wildlife hunting opportunities. Buying all this public land does come at a cost though- I think this land comes off the tax roles to some degree which obviously impacts local and county budgets. Maybe the crp programs should change a little- up the payments to farmers or require that if they enroll the land and rcv a govt payment then maybe the land should be open to hunters. The one thing I know is that sportsmen spend a ton of money- creating more and better hunting opportunities only increase dollars into the state and local economy. Just look at the waterfowl dollars spent by non residents in ND.
  8. I hear you- MN could go a long way in viewing how other states manage and take care of hunting/fishing access. But if you look at it- where has the amendment went to designate tax dollars for this- not a lot of support through the legislature. I would be in favour of increasing my taxes- pulling drain tile and creating a waterfowl mecca!
  9. thanks for the info guys- i'll buy some lumber and work a little trial and error.
  10. that would be awesome! seeing a proven plan would be helpful, thanks.
  11. hey does anyone have a good plan for building box stands?
  12. thumper50- how was your fishing on the nw side. i have fished the eastern part for a few years-wondering what the bite is that way?
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