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  1. Has anyone hunted at Crystal Creek Outfitters in Sabinal, TX? They are a bow only hunting ranch that I am looking at and would like to get any feedback or input from you. If you have other ideas for a Texas whitetail hunt I would be interested in hearing your thoughts also. I am not interested in a high fence hunt. Thanks!!
  2. Thanks for all of the input. I did buy a Summit Vipor and it appears to be very comfortable. I plan to climb a tree this weekend and check it out! Once again, thanks for your help!!
  3. I am interested in getting a climber tree stand. I have always used ladder stands, but based on my desire to be more portable I am thinking about adding a climber to the inventory. Does anybody have a recommendation for brand and model? I am a pretty big guy at 6'3" and 240 pounds so I would want something stable too! How large does a tree have to in order to be safe and how straight does the tree have to be in order for it to work?
  4. Are there any current or past members of the Minnesota Outdoor Sports or American Wildlife Association? I am interested in how much land is leased in Minnesota, Iowa and South Dakota and how good the land is for deer, pheasant and turkey. Basically I am trying to figure out if the hunting opportunities are worth the money to join. Any thoughts would be very much appreciated. Thanks - Lucky One
  5. I went on a Colorado elk archery hunt last week. I began archery hunting last year and this was my first elk hunt. I shot this elk from about 36 yards with my bow. First bow kill! My brother called this bull in with a set of Primos calls. It was a ton of fun (and work)!
  6. Lund Prov V SE 1775 Tournament Series. Shorland'r Trailer, Mercury 125hp 2-Stroke, Minnkota Gemeni 74lb. Thrust Bow Mount Trolling Motor, 2 Live Wells, 4 Seats, 3 Fish Finders (incl. Lowrance LMS330c w\ GPS), SeaWorthy Stereo\CD and Speakers, Minnkota MK330 Onboard Battery Charger, Locking Rod Storage. Good Condition and Runs Great. $10,500 or best offer. (320) 259-8502. Located in the St. Cloud area.
  7. Has anyone used the Bad Boy Buggie? I am wondering how they compare with a 4 wheeler's power and durability. I am also concerned with their ability to get through low and wet land (mud) without getting stuck. Currently, my 4 wheeler gets stuck in it (325 4 wheel drive) and I need something better. Bad Boy Buggie or larger 4 wheeler? Thanks!
  8. Thanks for all of the input. I am considering turning it into a 'wetter' land. If I cannot put a pond in or drain some of it off I will look at this as an option. Just as an FYI, I did call the DNR and Soil and Water Conservation and neither one deals with this. I was told to contact the County Environmental Services. They are planning to come out and take a look this week. Thanks again!
  9. I was planning to do this, but really wanted to know if I had some options prior to contacting the DNR. Thanks for the advice though! I never want to see my name in the Cuffs and Collars pages!
  10. I have 6+ acres that are low and depending on rain amounts can get very wet (also has a natural spring in one corner). I would like to plant some food plots in this area, but they tend to get flooded or too wet to allow plants to grow well. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can drain this area to allow for successful food plots? I would be interested if you thought expanding a small drainage area and digging out a section to create a pond would help dry out the remainder of the wet areas. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  11. Does anyone have a packing list that they use when going out to Colorado Elk hunting? This will be my first year and I want to make sure I leave prepared! We will be hunting early September. Thanks in advance for your help!
  12. My yellow lab, Kirby, had a great year. He was trained at TKO Retrievers this year and at 5 months was retrieving birds. He got his first wild retrieve at 7 months. During the season he retrieved over 45 birds and is now 9 months old. We continue to hit game farms to get him on as many birds as we can. I hope the winter stays calm and the farms have enough birds to last through March!!
  13. You have to decide if you want a pointer or a retriever. I have a lab that I use primarly for pheasant hunting and I would not get another breed. The lab is very versatile and an extremely hard working dog. They are also a great family dog and aim to please. They are great with kids and other pets as well. If you decide some day to hunt waterfowl then you would have a dog that can also do that.
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