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  1. Very confusing got sled running ran for half hour and just died in the ditch. Added more gas, checked for air box blockage, plugs out nice chocolate brown. Compression test was 150 on pto side 130 on clutch side. Cleaned the carbs checked for spark was good. Got it to fire up without carbs on it. Put the carbs back on and could not get to fire, pulled fuel lines off is pumping fuel up bowls on carbs are full. Primed it alot and still no run plugs did not seem that wet. The rotary behind the carbs was spinning, can that become out of time with the motor? Do i got a leak in the crank seal? Only thing i have not done is pulled the exhaust and check for a blockage. Or do i just have it that flooded. That was three days ago now today firepopped on first, second pull with no primer. Very baffeled looking for ideas. Sorry it is a formula 500 liquid thanks to any info!!!
  2. hello walleyematt i have a camper that you guys can have if you come and get it. I dont know how long it is maybe around 12 to 14 feet. We had dreams of making it into a fish house but we have no time. Shoot me an e-mail at [email protected] I will get out to it on wednesday I can measure it up and see what size and condition the tires are in. I will also try to get some pictures of it on wednesday. It is located in Annandale MN.
  3. I think the greatest highlight of the season was finaly getting my dad and my older brother to stop working long enough to go on a fishing trip to Red Lake. My dad is 64 and has never been on Red before and this is about the 6th ice trip that he has taken in his life! He always says he is to busy to take time off. I think I finally got him to realize THAT HE WHO DIES WITH THE MOST MONEY STILL DIES. It was a great weekend a little cold and windy but on Saturday we ventured out in the portables. At 3:30 got set up and at 4:00 they started coming only eyes but it was still a blast to watch my dad have asmile on his face! My brother brought his son up and got to watch him catch his first walleye and many more. Thanks to Jeff at Ag logde for the big warm sleeper house I think they are hooked on Red!!!
  4. This has nothing to do with the LX3s, but I had to bring in my Marcum VS560. It would not shut off. The camera is on its 3rd year and I was fully expecting to pay something to get it repaired. I brought it in to the Anoka repair shop. Told them what was wrong fully expecting to leave it for the week to be repair. The guy took a look at it and went to the back and brought a different monitor to test everything. He gave me the new monitor and sent me on my way! I never expected any of this and to pay nothing makes them a #1 company in my book. A friend of mine just bought a LX5 today cant wait to try it out. Hats off to the Marcum company with service like that why buy anything else!!!! THANK YOU MARCUM!
  5. Last year i had the camera head go out on my Marcum 560, I thought great the camera is 3 years old how much is this fancy camera gonna cost me. I was in the Brainerd area fishing when it happened so i got the # for marcum and called them. They were very courtious and helpful. The shop that works on them was in Brainerd and they allowed me to take it to them. Found out it was happening to alot of them. The good thing was they covered it all under warenty, the bad thing was the camera heads were on backorder. They shipped it to me free of charge. The service people in Brainerd were great very nice and helpful. Now i have a problem of my camera turning on by itself lets hope they are as good with that. Hats off to the Marcum crew for a great product and even better customer service.
  6. All right guys were gonna drop this thing down to 2900 its worth all of that. I will be home all weekend if someone would like to look at it. If it is a distance to travel we may be able to meet some where at a lake to test it. I live in Annandale MN there are plenty of lakes here to test it and maybe wet a line!!! If someone needs it to be hung and rigged on there boat i can do that also.
  7. i just sent you the pictures to your e-mail adress i hope i did it right please respond if you got them thanks
  8. jonnyICE-MAN you know the old lady has had me tied up for the last few weeks but im free now and i am gonna try to get some pictures up tonight.
  9. slender spoon I will get my wife to help me tonight to get them in the computer as i am very computer illiterate
  10. not nuf time I will ckeck with my local dealership tomorow and see what it would take to transform and about how much.
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