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  1. You're killing your prime reproducing fish once you cross that 12 inch mark threshold. You get to keep five. You can't make a meal out of 5 10 inch fish?
  2. I've got no problem with keeping fish, but don't you think three trout 15 inches and over is excessive? I'm not sure why you'd want to eat a fish that large especially when there are lots of 9-10 trout that NEED to be taken out of some of the southeast stream systems. If you knew all of the chemicals that end up in the Whitewater, you might think twice about eating the larger fish that have been ingesting those chemicals...ESPECIALLY THE LARGER FISH.
  3. A Fly Angler

    Monday outing

    The hatches for caddis typically have very good action in the riffles, at least this is where there are fish holding picking up emergers, they alsorise in the flat water, but I think this is more to dry flies that are already hatched. As for the whole fewer trout, fewer bugs thing, that may be true on some streams that have gotten hit hard with run off (typically areas with agricultural issues and larger watersheds). I can think of a few that have not fished that well this year; however, there are also a few that I have had excellent dry fly action on, as well as witnessed tons of bugs after turning over rocks. I think a lot of this is dependent upon where you are.
  4. Quote: creel surveys are finding considerably less trout this year as a result of poor spawning conditions This has lots to do with lower than normal water levels, and the continuous run off from the agricultural side of things. When you tile every field, drain the wetlands, and ultimately plow up to the banks to plant a few extra rows, all of that sediment ends up in the river, and ends up creating more silt backup in the river and covering spawning sites.
  5. A Fly Angler

    Deep Pools

    I've used it a few times. I like its potential as a reusable weight, but they certainly have not perfected it yet. It's either too hard or too mushy in my opinion.
  6. A Fly Angler

    Deep Pools

    Dinsmore is a bit pricey when compared to the other low end weight that you can buy. But, it is green shot that literally will not slide on your line period. If you're careful, you can reuse the shot as well. If you're fly fishing deep pools, use lots of weight and take of your indicator to get way down. Indicator free fishing is tough because you have to watch the subtleties of your line and tippet to detect a strike. Your other option is to high stick and keep in contact and pick up the bite that way. Giving a little lift at the end of the pool to give your fly an emerging effect is a great way to fish. If the food starts filtering through, those fish (big and small) have a tendency to move out of their deeper lies right up into the riffle head. They are fairly protected from predators in the quicker water as the predators don't see them very well.
  7. A Fly Angler

    Deep Pools

    Dinsmore shot is great (no wings either).
  8. My next quesation would be time of year. The Root has a tendency to warm in the latter summer months. Not to say a fly rod wouldn't be a good choice, but I actually prefer a spinning rod whilst canoeing. It's easier to handle without actually having to get out of the canoe.
  9. A Fly Angler

    pink squirrel

    put a bead on your hook and weight the hook, krystal flash strands tail, tie in some wire of choice (fine), dub body forward with brownish tan nymph dubbing, wrap the wire over the body, tie in some pink nymph dubbing, and you're done. It's a nice easy tie, but not nearly as effective as scuds are.
  10. d. roy I'd say give scuds more of a try when you are prospecting. Works for me most of the time. Plus if your buddies are taking fish on spinners, switch to a stramer pattern of some kind.
  11. Regardless of the weaather, streams have cleared nicely and the spring creeks are clear and clean. Worse case in the event of rain is to hit some smaller, lesser known waters. They'll be fishable regardless.
  12. I disagree. There's a huge difference between high end (high modulus) rods that are more pricey than a Three Forks. St. Croix's nice especially the UL, the rest aren't the UL in speed. I wouldn't recommend a high line speed for a beginner. Moderate/fast would be a good place to start. I don't disagree that most beginners cannot tell the difference. I thought the question was why some fly rods are expensive. Why is a Porsche more expensive than a Yugo? They are both cars.
  13. There's a lot of ways you can look at this. The really nice high end rods are made from high modulus graphite and usually have some sort of 25 year/unlimited guarantee if you ever break it. So, in an essence you are paying for the name on it and the insurance policy that goes with it. Is it possible to buy a nice low $ rod? Yes. The Cabela's Three Forks series is pretty nice, and a good rod. Is the Sage XP a nice rod? Yes, it's a sweet rod. The difference is a Cabela's rod is $50, and the Sage is $530. . I own a variety of rods from graphite to bamboo in a variety of prices. To each his own. I can say that there IS a difference in the feel and casting of a low end rod versus a middle to high end rod. It's no different than any piece of gear outdoorsmen buy. Price and value mean different things to different people.
  14. Standard nymph hook, weight it, tie in some fine gold wire, then dub it forward with some dark green/brown dubbing, wrap the rib over that, tie in some chartreuse dubbing (for the caddis itself), then dub a small head with the same body dubbing.
  15. A Fly Angler


    I was out on Sunday as well. Nothing happening on top, but I also was not in the Whitewater area, I was further south. A few midges flying around but the best luck on scuds. I chucked a bugger pattern later in the day and had a few interested fish come up and take a look. Lots of snow and tough walking!
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